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Mar. 26th, 2014

Big Smile, Powerboy Big Smile

Hugs My Awesome Friends

Been distracted with one problem or another.

But still movin' forward.

Do hope all is goin' good for everyone.

Sends tons of hugs and well wishes:)

Jan. 1st, 2013


Topic 460, 464, and 467

TOPIC #460 - Why do you persist?

I persist because of love. Love is truly the most powerful force in the universe. And it is through the power of love that all things are possible. No matter how hopeless things may seem. So long as love persists. Hope likewise persists.

I have always been a hopeful person. Despite not having the best of upbringings. And really not having the best of luck when it comes to most things. I have had more than my share of disappointments. More than my share of heartache. Yet I am eternally hopeful. I am eternally hopeful that things can only get better from here on out.

I really can't explain it much simpler than to say that love of friends and love of life is what gives meaning and true value to everything. So no matter what, I will always try to live life to the fullest. And to love and never stop loving.

Words: 156

TOPIC #464 - Do you believe in soul-mates?Collapse )

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TOPIC #467 - If you lost all your memories, how much of your life could you reconstruct?Collapse )

Words: 176

Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics

Oct. 1st, 2012


Topic 446, 455, and 456

Topic #446 - What sort of person are you?

I'm a teenage boy from a hellworld called Apokolips. I grew up in the slums of Amagetto. I have no memory of my parents or no memory of what my name is other than Powerboy. I had a really bad childhood, and was mainly a loner and outsider.

After over-coming years of abuse. Along with my closest friend Little Barda, as a teenager, I escaped to Earth. Due to being a caring, kind, and compassionate person, I could not turn my back on the problems of the world. So tried to use my superpowers to save lives and make the world a better place. So I became a Teen Titan for a short time. Being an Empath causes me to be overly sensitive and very empathetic. I love both cats and dogs. But only have a pet dog, cause my pug Kirby isn't as friendly towards cats as me.

I try to only use my superpowers and advance alien technology to help others, and not for my own personal gain. My Father Box could make me wealthy for example. But I don't care about money. I don't care about fame or fortune. My concerns are more basic. Concerns for friends and helping others that need someone to care.

Even though I was never a boy scout, seeing there wasn't any on the hellish world I grew up on. I'm a very moral and ethical boy. I'm courteous and respectful to everyone. I don't curse, or use bad language. And I don't drink or have any vices. I'm into being the best I can be physically and mentally. So I try to eat healthy, and try to learn new things every day. Because my main desire to do whats right and help others when possible.

Despite it being hard not to get depressed or down during bad times. I try to be a positive person. Believe in the power of positive thinking. I try to avoid everything that is negative. To that end, I love nature, and enjoy being outside enjoying the beauty the world has to offer.

I'm also a hopeless romantic and a gentleman. I could go on, but am trying not to be too longwinded. So will just wrap it up by sending positive vibes and hugs to all who need them.

Words: 392

Topic #455 - What is the spark of your desire?

The spark of my desire is love. It is a love of life. An love of all that is good and just in the world. It is to save lives. With a strong desire to make a difference in the world as a hero. There is no stronger desire I have than to help those than need me. My empathy, which lets me feel the emotions and suffering of so many. It makes it impossible for me to turn a deaf ear to the plight of others. Growing up, witnessing so much misery and heartache. I am driven to fight against injustice and hate. I have a strong desire to try to make things better. Even if I can only help one person at a time. Every little bit helps make a difference. Touch one soul. And then they can touch another. Making the world a better place to live.

So outwardly, the spark of my desire is my compassion and love of others. Besides caring about others. I have had one special love that helped to make me a better person. My love of one special girl, is what sparks my desire. A special girl named Kara that inspires me to be better, and always try to do the right thing. No matter how hard. No matter how painful. Kara who is such a loving and caring hero, gives me the desire to never give up on helping people. And to never give up on the power of love to change the world.

Words: 260

Topic #456 - As a child, were you popular?

I was most certainly not popular as a child. I was just a nameless orphaned boy trying to survive the best I could on a hellish world ruled by a monsterous dictator named Darkseid. My childhood was full of nothing but abuse, neglect, and great pain. I was extremely shy, unable to speak around others. I was picked on by the bigger kids. After suffering years of abuse and bullying. I finally found a friend in an older girl named Little Barda. She became my gardian angel. She was such a strong and tough girl. She stood up to the bullies, and didn't take crap from anyone. If not for her, I would never have survived Apokolips.

So no I was not a popular kid. I never got to experience a normal childhood. Never got to grow up with family or all kinds of friends. But I am grateful to have had just one awesome friend in Barda. She was all the friends or family I needed. She will forever be like a sister to me. And despite not having a happy childhood. Her friendship and love means more to me than any popularity as a child or adult ever could.

Words: 210

Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics

Jun. 29th, 2012


Topic 433, 441, and 444

TOPIC #444 - Pick one of these four: Close; Bow; Row; 208.


Growing up an abandoned orphan on Apokolips. Unwanted and unloved. I knew nothing of what it meant to be close to another living soul. The fiirst years of my life, I never knew friendship or love. I knew no compassion or kindness. I felt totally alone in world. That never changed for far too many years. Not until I met a girl. A tough girl with a good heart named Barda. Little not big. Barda took me under her wing. She helped me survive the harsh streets of Armegetto. She truly saved my life. And for that I shall always consider her not only one of my best friends ever. But also someone who will remain close to my heart forever. Yet after several years of being there for one another. After overcoming so much hardship and oppression at the hands of the demonic Darkseid. After successfuly escaping to Earth. And after having made a good transition to being a teen hero on Earth. Out of the blue, she suffered near fatal injuries that left her comatose.

With Barda in a coma, I lost the one person in all the world that was closest to me. The one person that understood me better than any other. The one person that gave me unconditional love and support. Not having her to talk too. Not having her to provide a kind word, and a supportive hug. It makes it hard for me to stay positive. Hard to be my unsual optomisitc lover of life. But despite how bad things are. I believe in that old saying. Where there is life there is hope. So I have hope that everything will work out. Hope that she will make a full recovery. Hope that we will get to enjoy life someday.

Words: 285

TOPIC #441 - Do/Did you want to get married?

Seeing that I'm just a teenager. Do think that I'm a bit too young to get married. Plus I'm also a Superhero. Being in the hero business is dangerous. And even more dangerous for loved ones. So allowing oneself to actually marry, while still being in the crime fighting biz. I think that would be wreckless. The time required to be a hero likewise makes it difficult to have any meaningful relationship. Yet, if two people love each other, then no obstacles or road blocks will stop love.

So yes, someday, if I find the right girl, I would very much like to get married. I would do everything in my power to find a way to make it work. Make it work with that one special person who loved me unconditionally. A special soul who would love me as much as I love her. And no matter if the times was good or bad. I would try to make my true love happy. Let her know that she was appreciated and accepted. Show her nothing but love she deserves. For love must be at the heart of any relationship. Be it a friendship or a marriage. Love is the most important key to having a happy relationship.

So yeah, someday I will hopefully find the love I'm searching for.

Words: 228

TOPIC #433 - How good is your memory?

My memory is not good at all. I have no memory of my earliest years. I was just one of thousands of nameless orphans growing up in the slums of Amegetto on the hellish Apokolips. Darkseid was an abusive monster. He created a world of hate, misery, and loneliness. All he gave was bad memories. Nightmares that I'd rather not remember.

Due to my childhood memories not being good ones. I try not to think about all those bad memories. Such memories are too painful... too tramatic to bare.

Thankfully I have some good memories. Memories of escaping from the hellish Apokolips with my closest and dearest friend Little Barda. Good memories of coming to Earth. Finding a new home. Starting a new life with the Teen Titans. Good memories of saving lives. Good memories of making a difference in the world.

All the other bad memories. All the abuse... all the hurt... all the pain. Well such bad memories really do not matter that much. As long as I have good memories of wonderful friends, like Barda, Tim, and Kara. Memories of those who are true heroes that never give up... no matter the tough times they endure. Memories of better days. Memories of happy times to inspire me... to motivate me to be better... to do better. I think I'll be able to survive any challenges that come my way.

Words: 230

Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics

Mar. 31st, 2012

Cool 5

Topic 431 - Curse


Being born on the hellish world of Apokolips. My childhood very much started out on a bad note. Now whether I would call the years of abuse, torture, and pain I suffered a result of a curse. I do not believe that someone invoked a supernatural power to inflict harm or misfortune against me. A supernatural power by the name of Darkseid did inflict harm against me. But he did not do it due to a curse. He did it because he was an evil, vile, sadistic monster who took pleasure in the suffering of others.

After Barda and I escaped the evil of Darkseid and his twisted minions. We came to Earth with a clean slate. We did not bring any baggage from our pasts. We started as unknown teen heroes who wanted to use our powers to help our adoptive world. We had the freedom to make our own choices. The freedom to live our own lives. And despite all the difficulties we knew would follow. We chose to be heroes. Cause we wanted to make a positive difference in the world.

Thus I do not think I was cursed. I had some good luck. Then I had some bad luck. Just a case of unavoidable bad luck. Thus allot of the crap that happened was just a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. While other times, it was a case of what I'd call misfortune by association. Clearly when one chooses to hang out with other danger magnets like the Teen Titans. Danger and trouble is sure to follow. For allot of bad people who hate teen heroes want to hurt any Titan they can. Hench the high death rate among young heroes. So I don't blame any curse for my misfortune. I blame bad luck and bad guys that are self-destructive and full of hate. Some people are not good. Some want to tear down others. Some can do nothing but hate. And there is little that can be done about such lost souls. All that can be done, is not letting bad guys get you down.

Therefore, even with the bad childhood. Even with all the abuse and heartache I've endured. I do not feel like I am cursed. Despite it all, I still have a positive attitude about life. I still believe that no matter how bad things have been in the past. No matter how much hate and badness comes my way. I will always rise above any hate or negativity. The future will be allot brighter than the past. Of that I am certain. Just as sure that my future may have a few bumps in the road. But it will bring allot more good times than bad. Due to never giving up on a better tomorrow. And with the support and love of wonderful friends. I have little doubt that my future will hold much happiness, and much love.

theatrical_muse: Topic #431
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 507

Feb. 29th, 2012


Topic 423 & 427

TOPIC #427
What would you do if I sang out of tune?

Most people are not the best of singers. Only those with years of experience can sing beautifully without making mistakes. So in terms of what I'd do if I heard someone sing out of tune. I would just ignore it, and try to be supportive.

When I get over-joyed, or too happy. I sometimes burst into song. Thankfully or unfortunately, however one views my singing abilities, I very seldom get overly happy. So I don't sing that often. I usually save my singing for when I'm alone with my dog Kirby. And Kirby has never complained about me singing out of tune. So guess I'm not too bad as singers go.

Anyway, I try not to embarrass myself by singing in public. And I've found that most people try not to embarrass themselves in public. That is a goal for one to have everyday. Don't do anything stupid. But if one does mess up. Then all you can do is apologize, and try not to make the same errors next time.

In closing, there is nothing wrong with singing out of tune. Nobody is perfect at everything. Everyone has there own special talents and abilities. They just need to find what they are good at. And try to be the best they can be.While the singing should be left to those in the music business. For everyone else, they should most likely stick to singing in the showers. Or sing to kids. Kids like singing, and aren't as worried about it being in tune or not. Yet if someone did sing out of tune in front of me. Being the thoughtful and kind guy that I am. I would not stand up and walk out on them. I would be nice and say not bad. Not bad at all.

Topic #427
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 307

TOPIC #423 - What Inspires you?Collapse )

Dec. 28th, 2011

Sincere 2

Topic #419 - Let it snow!

Let it snow!

When I hear songs like Let It Snow. I feel good inside. I feel at peace. So I love hearing "Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow."

Read more...Collapse )

theatrical_muse: Topic #419
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 240

Nov. 30th, 2011

Hurting in the shadows, Powerboy in shadows

Topic 415 - Hunger

There is the hunger for food. Far too many poor souls understand that hunger. That desperate need for the next meal to survive. Growing up on Apokolips. A hell world with little food or nourishment. Hunger was a common state of being. All those under the boot of Darkseid hungered.

Therefore, I know hunger all too well. I was always hungry. During my childhood, there was never a moment where I knew peace or contentment.

But my hunger goes beyond any physical want or need. I have always had a hunger for so much more. Being an unwanted and unloved orphan. Not having a mother or father. Not having a family. I have always had a hunger to find a family.

Growing up on such an oppressive world ruled by Darkseid, who was truly the most evil and tyrannical dictator. I have always hungered for freedom. I hunger to be free. I hunger for liberty and freedom. I hunger for a better tomorrow. Not just for me, but for everyone.

So I am a very hungry person. I hunger for so much. I hunger to live my life to the fullest. And above all else, I hunger to find happiness and love.

theatrical_muse: Topic #415
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 213

Nov. 10th, 2011


Topic 411 - Fear


I grew up on a hell world known as Apokolips. My memories of Apokolips are not good ones. It was such a very scary and horrifying place. No place for anyone. Let along children. A place only made worse by its evil overlord Darkseid. Most who have met Darkseid, the long time ruler of Apololips. Most would say he is the physical embodiment of hate. And would say that he is the embodiment of fear itself.

When Little Barda and I escaped to Earth as teenagers. The old fears of our home world was left behind. The hope was that all our past fears and worries would be a thing of the past. And for the most part they were. Yet I soon realized that even after escaping from such a cruel and hateful world as Apokolips. Even on Earth, there is still fear. There is still evil. And there is still many things to worry about. I found new friends to worry about. And found much stress and heartache to have.

So I know fear. And being an Empath, I have not only my on fears to feel, but those of an entire world. So I know fear better than most. And I don't like it. But just as I reject hated and intolerance. I reject letting fear hold me down. I do not let all the negative vibes get me down. I seek out positive emotions. Seek out joy and happiness. Those are the feelings that I appreciate and cherish.

I have learned that there will always be fears and crap to worry about. That is part of life. No matter how much I would want it to be otherwise. Life will never be easy. If it was, then it would be pretty boring. But I will never let my fears destroy my hope for a better future. I will overcome all my fears. I will overcome all the challenges and problems that come my way. And will hopefully grow and continue to become a more understanding and better person.

theatrical_muse: Topic # 411
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 354

Oct. 12th, 2011

Smile 2, Powerboy Smiling

Topic #408 - Awkward.


I'm usually not awkward or clumsy. Growing up in the slums of Amaghetto, on such a horrific world as Darkseid's Apokolips. Being clumsy could lead to falling into a roaring fire pit. Or getting eaten by one of the many monstrosities that roamed the desolate hell-world. So it went without saying that it was hazardous to ones health or well-being to be anything but cautious, agile, and sure-handed.

Now that I'm on Earth, it's not quite as dangerous to be awkward or clumsy. And thankfully so. Since I'm definitely an awkward teenager on Earth. Even more so when I'm around girls. Around girls I get all nervous and awkward.

Let's just say that if I didn't have an Apokoliptian physiology. If I wasn't durable. I would not have made it five minutes around the Teen Titans or Supergirl. They are like a danger magnet. Killer shark-people. Killer robots. Killer ninjas. Killer clowns. Not to mention dozens of super-villains out to maim and destroy them.

So it really is not a very safe vocation to be in the Superhero business. Therefore most heroes try not to be awkward or clumsy. Some may have a sense of humor. Or even goof off during the down time. But when their out there trying to fight evil or save the world. Unless they are bullet proof, fire proof, or otherwise invulnerable. They can ill afford to be anything less than serious.

Like most heroes, I try not to worry about ending up badly hurt or worse. I try to be all business whether I'm saving a helpless animal or some innocent victims in need of rescue. Those needing help depend upon heroes to not be awkward or scared. There is no room for doubt or fear. No room for goofing off or clowning around. No room for error or mistakes. A hero must always be cautious and determined. Must always strive to be the best they can be.

Now when it comes to being around girls. Like I said earlier, it is hard for me not to feel awkward or be all tongue tied. Especially around a girl I like. I get super nervous. I become unsure of what to do or say. Yet I try to work through the awkwardness. And working through it really is all one can do. No matter how awkward, or nervous you may feel. The other person usually feels the same way. And fortunately most people also have good hearts. So are understanding and supportive regardless of whether you mess up or do something stupid. So no matter how awkward one may feel. It is wise to stay positive, do your best, and know that things usually have a way of working out for the best in the end.

Lastly, if things get really awkward, then I have found that a nice hug can help allot. Cause a hug makes everything better.

theatrical_muse: Topic #408
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 498

Sep. 14th, 2011

Heroic, Powerboy/Supergirl: Heroic

Topic 404 - A good day.

A good day.

Growing up on such an evil and hellish world as Apokolips. It's a given that I didn't have that many good days growing up. Not a single good day would be most accurate. But that all changed one day. A day in my fifteenth year. The first good day I ever had was when my only childhood friend Little Barda and I escaped to Earth. The day I used my Father Box to open a Boom Tube, and send us on a great journey. That was the day my life started anew. A fresh start. The beginning of a wonderful new adventure in an amazingly beautiful world.

During my time on Earth, I have had several good days. One might even say several great days. A day where I saved my first loves life. Boy was that a super day. And after that I had a good day where Supergirl and I saved hundreds of men, women, and children. Speaking as an Empath that can feel what others feel. There is not a better feeling in the world, than feeling all the thanks and appreciation from those given a second chance at life. No better feeling than saving the day. So to me a good day means good triumphing over darkness and hate. A good day, is a day that ends in happiness and love. A day shared with those held most dear. Spending time with awesome friends like Barda, Kara, and Tim.

In terms of good days. I'm not hard to please. I appreciate the simplest of things. And do not take anything for granted. So I love everyday. I love life. I cherish the quiet moments of time spent enjoying the beauty that life has to offer. Smelling the roses. Feeling the wind in my face. Flying high in the sky. Watching the clouds pass me by. And the way I like to end any good day worth anything has to be watching a beautiful sunset. Yeah, I gotta have a beautiful sunset. And even more special than that, someone special to share a beautiful sunset.

theatrical_muse: Topic #404
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 352

Aug. 24th, 2011

Powerboy and Little Barda, BFF Barda

Topic 400 - Injured


When I first became a teen superhero. My awesome friend Little Barda was by my side. We made a good team. It was us against the world. And let's just say that the thought of being injured or hurt never crossed our minds. It was all about the adventure. It was all about doing our own thing. Not worrying about the dangers associated with living a life that would even make a daredevil question their profession.

Like some are lucky enough to experience. I didn't get a wake up call. But the warning signs were there to be seen. Like on my final mission with the Teen Titans. A mission where I witnessed the death of a young hero. The death of Trajectory, aka the eighteen year Alabama girl named Eliza Harmon. A girl so full of life. A girl with such big dreams. Such high hopes. As part of another superhero team called Infinity Inc - she used her super-speed powers to fight evil. Being a fan of Kid Flash growing up. Her dream was to one day be a member of the Teen Titans. To make a name for herself as one of the best speedsters. Yet like too many other young heroes. She took life for granted. She expected good to always win. She never thought for a moment about the dangers of fighting bad guys. Evil doers with no value for there own life, let along anyone else's life. So one would think that seeing Eliza's death at the hands of a heartless monster like Blockbuster would've showed that evil should never be underestimated. And that really horrible things can happen to anyone at anytime.

Yet even after I witnessed the death of a teen hero. I still never thought that me or Barda would ever be hurt or killed. Due to my youth. Due to my inexperience. I was still blind to how dangerous and risky being a superhero really was. Having survived Apokolips. Having survived the hell that Darkseid put us through. Barda and I though we was too tough to ever be taken down. And as New Gods, after thousands of years of genetic and technological advancements. We became too accustomed to advanced technology like Father Box fixing our problems. Healing any injuries. Even restoring us to good health when seriously injured. Like most New Gods we expected too much from Mother Boxes and Father Boxes. So we put ourselves into one dangerous situation after another. Without thinking of the consequences. We dived head first into one crazy adventure after another. Never thinking that eventually our luck would someday run out.

Looking back its easy to see that Barda and I took too much for granted. We took far too many unnecessary risks. And like countless other naive and clueless kids, we suffered for our foolishness. Yet it is not the unnecessary injuries or the pain that hurts the most. I learned from the injuries. The broken jaw. The head trauma. The burned hand. As much pain as I felt. It was nothing compared to feeling someone I cared about hurting. And that is where being an Empath sucks the most. Feeling the pain and injuries of others. Both mental and physical pain is hard to deal with. And even harder to handle when the pain comes from a loved one. So among my greatest regrets comes from my oldest friend Barda being injured so badly by an unknown villain. I regret that I wasn't able to help her. That I wasn't able to be there for her when she needed me most. I regret that she was banged up and burned. That she felt such unbearable pain. That she felt so very much alone. So hopeless. So lost.

Thankfully she recovered from injuries that would have been fatal to just about anyone else. Being tough as nails and too stubborn to stay down. Barda will forever be an inspiration to me. She gives me the strength to endure any injury. The power to endure any amount of pain. The love and support to endure any hardship or misfortune that may come my way.

theatrical_muse: Topic #400
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 703

Aug. 4th, 2011


Topic 397 - Laughter


Laughter is a good thing to have. A very good thing. And as an Empath, it is one of the few emotions I don't mind feeling. But sadly there hasn't been much reason to laugh.

I am from a dark and depressing world. A terrible world of sorrow and grief. A place where laughter was unknown. So I did not know that there was even such a fun thing as laughter until I met the teen heroes of Earth. Especially one unique hero known as Beast Boy. His humor and fun nature was a refreshing change from the gloomy and somber souls I'd known on Apokolips. Despite all the problems he had to deal with. Beast Boy was able to laugh at life. Able to keep a sense of humor in even the most difficult of times. And that helped everyone around him better cope with life. Gar truly is a good role model for other heroes. Keeping things fun, and not taking themselves too seriously. His laughter and lightheartedness truly made things easier to endure.

But sadly, any lighthearted moments has been few and far between. All the bad junk that has happened over the past several years. Such as the death of far too many young heroes. The death and destruction of my home world. And the misfortune that befell me, Barda, Kara, and Tim. Among many others I care for. There has been far too many sad days. Sad days that have made it hard to smile, let along laugh.

Yet no matter how hard it has been to laugh at times. I have always tried to focus on the positive. And will continue to maintain a positive attitude. No matter how many bad days. I still believe that tomorrow can and will be better. So whether or not there is reason for me to laugh now. I believe with all my heart and soul, that someday I will know laughter beyond any I can imagine. Someday me and all those I cherish will know nothing but the greatest joy and laughter.

theatrical_muse: Topic #397
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 356

Jul. 6th, 2011

Powerboy Superhero, Greatest Teen Hero, Hero

Topic #394 - Favorite vacation.

Talk about your favorite vacation. (Either a specific trip or your favorite destination.)

"Where are we?" Asks an incredibly good looking teenage boy with deep blue eyes. The young hero's long black hair with a single blond streak blowing in the cool summer breeze.

"Destiny Lane, Malibu, CA 90250." His close friend responded in a soft-spoken voice.

"This is a mile of private secluded ocean-front property. While a friend of mine is away on business. He said it was okay for us to use their beach house for the weekend."

The teen hero from the hellish Apokolips looked on in wonder. The alien youth known only as Powerboy to most was very excited to be on vacation with his dearest friend. Growing up on a world of untold pain and suffering. His homeworld was never a place where one would ever vacation. So getting the opportunity to be on vacation at such a beautiful location on Earth is something he was truly thankful to experience. "Thank you so much for letting me come with you to the Golden State. It is not golden. But California is so beautiful. Especially this time of year."

His young, blue eyed friend smiled at the far too easily excitable Teen of Power. Yet given Powerboy's dark and traumatic past, it was understandable how he'd love such a place that was more like a little slice of heaven on Earth. "No problem. I haven't had a vacation in a long time. But now that school is out for the summer. It's good to finally get the chance to keep the promise I made about showing you LA."

The empathic teen New God looks on at the beautiful beach, and skies with the puffy white clouds. "That is super. Super pun not intended. Why Los Angeles is called the City of Angels I do not understand? Yet despite the lack of Angels, it clearly has allot to see. Not that I mind the current scenery. Just laying out on the beach, learning to surf, and catching some rays with such a wonderful friend as you will make this the most awesome vacation ever for me."

"We're definitively thinking on the same wave length. Fun in the sun is at the top of my to-do-list as well."

theatrical_muse: Topic 394
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 383

Jun. 8th, 2011


Topic 390 - Sick

One of the worst things I hate is feeling sick. When I'm sick, I feel all miserable and down. When I'm sick, I can't enjoy the day. I can't be my usual positive and upbeat self. And when I'm feeling sick, I don't want to be around anyone. When I'm sick, I feel so helpless and powerless.

When I was a little kid. I remember being really sick once. I remember feeling like I'd never live to see another day. Feeling so horrible, that death itself seemed like a welcomed friend. Yet thankfully I had one really wonderful friend. An amazing friend named Little Barda. Barda took care of me when nobody else would. She gave me the kindness and comfort I needed. No matter how bad I felt. No matter how hopeless I felt. Her unconditional support and friendship helped me to endure. Barda gave me the strength to never give up. She gave me the strength to carry on, and not let anything defeat me. For that, and so much more, I am forever in her debt.

Anyway, it's not cool being sick. And even less cool when others are feeling sick. It tears me up inside to see others suffering. It makes me feel like crap, when others are feeling like crap. So there is nothing I like better than when those I know are feeling good. When stuff is going good for them. Then that is truly something to be grateful for.

You know, the only good thing I can say about feeling sick, is that it makes me appreciate being healthy allot more. It gives me added motivation in trying to avoid being sick in the future. So I try to stay healthy. I try to eat healthy foods. I try to exercise. I try to take care of myself. I try not to let anything get me down.

I know it's impossible to avoid getting sick at some point. Yet I try to enjoy the good times. I try to enjoy all the good days. And try not to worry about the bad ones. I'll deal with whatever problems come my way, when they actually come. Speaking of enjoying the good times. Think I'm gonna take my awesome pug Kirby for a walk in the park. I'm gonna get out and enjoy a nice day, on such a beautiful world.

theatrical_muse: Topic #390
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 408

May. 25th, 2011


Topic 386 - Children and Parents

Do you have children? If not, do you want them one day? Talk about what being a parent means to you.

I'm a young teenager. I don't have any children. And despite being more mature for my age. I still see myself more as a kid, than an adult. So until I'm older, I don't think I'll be a parent anytime soon. Think I need to figure out who I am, and what I want to do with my life first. So unless a little Power Girl or boy is magically created and dropped on my doorstep by the stork. I'm not expecting to be a parent for many years or decades.

But just cause I don't wanna be a parent until I'm way older, like 30 or 40. I still have my dog. Having a pet dog is kinda like being a parent. Seeing that I have to feed and care for him. And I certainly treat Kirby like my child. So I am getting some experience at caring for another living being.

And even though I don't wanna be a parent for many years. I still like kids. I like hanging out and playing with others my own age. And I get the chance to see kids all over the world. And I usually encounter the occasional kid while I'm out doing the hero stuff. I will always try to help out any children in danger. I've rescued my share of kids from various natural and unnatural disasters. One of the things I like most about being a hero is helping out needy kids. It feels good to give kids a chance to have a happy childhood.

In terms of what being a parent means to me. I never had a good childhood, or good parents growing up. So I know what type of parenting doesn't work. Evil, hateful, neglectful, and uncaring parents really suck. Every child needs a parent that loves them. They need a parent who wants to give their child a chance to find happiness in life. It's a sad thing that some parents and guardians don't do a good job at protecting their kids. And some don't do a good job and letting their children know how much they love them. If a parent doesn't say the words "I love you," then the child will never know that they are cared for and loved. So if I was a parent, there would not be a day that went by, where I didn't tell my child how much I loved them. How much I valued them, and that I supported them unconditionally. I would let them know that I'd always be there for them. That I'd always be there to help them. And most importantly, I'd let them know that I'd always love them no matter what.

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May. 5th, 2011


Topic 384 - Stranger.


I know a stranger. His name is the Phantom Stranger. As the name implies, he is a mystery man. A stranger with vast supernatural powers. He is a stranger even to those who know him best. A man with no name. A man with a mysterious past. Is he a ghost? Is he a fallen angel? Whoever he is. The Stranger is someone that helps others. Even without a name, he is a hero.

So the Phantom Stranger is a hero to me. I admire him. I look up to him. Like him my real name is a mystery. Like him I've lost everything. But unlike him, I don't necessarily wanna go it alone. I don't wanna be a loner or outsider like him. He is somehow able to live life as a stranger. Live life without friends or family. Live life without love or happiness. A life without love is something I could never do.

Yet like him, I do wanna help people. And like him, I wanna prove that not all strangers are bad. That not all strangers are dangerous.

Inspired by heroes like the Stranger and Supergirl. Heroes like Batman and Red Robin. Heroes that help anyone and everyone. Heroes that wanna make the world a better place for humanity. I wanna be the best teen hero I can be. I wanna use my superpowers to help others. I wanna help friends and strangers alike. I wanna help everyone, including strangers. Cause most people are strangers. Yet despite being nameless strangers that I will most likely never know. Strangers are somebody. They have loved ones. They have friends. They have those that care. Most strangers are good people that need to be shown love, not fear. Like everyone, strangers need to be given support and kindness. Need to be treated as one would treat a friend.

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Apr. 6th, 2011

Powerboy Nicest Hero Ever, Nice

Topic 381 - What is it you like about yourself?

What is it you like about yourself?

Being an abandoned boy forced to grow up in such an evil and abusive place as the slums of Armaghetto on Apokolips. A hellish world ruled by the most cruel and sadistic tyrant of them all, Darkseid. It would be an understatement to say that I received allot of bad and painful memories. Memories I'd rather not think about. But everything that happened to me. All the bad stuff. All the abuse. I endured it. I survived everything thrown at me. I never lost hope. And no matter how bad it got. I never gave up.

I don't know how I survived my dark upbringing. Or one bad break after another. Whether it was dumb luck or a guardian angel watching over me. But despite all the heartache and heartbreak I suffered. I'm most fortunate to have overcame all the abuse, neglect, and hatred that Dasaad, Granny, and Darkseid could dish out. I could never let haters like them win. I could not allow the tearer downers to break my spirit. No amount of hate could ever destroy my belief in the power of love to conquer all. Whether I get my inner goodness and kindness from my parents, or from The Source, I cannot say. All I know is that I will never lose my faith in a better tomorrow.

I rose above my traumatic childhood. I came out of it without any anger, hate, malice, or resentment. Somehow I was able to keep a good and kind heart open to loving others. And for that I am grateful. So guess I've done a pretty good job at not letting my past destroy me. Therefore, guess what I like about myself is: my compassion, my caring nature, my determination, and my love of life.

God knows I don't like my past. But I do like the lessons it taught me. Lessons that helped me to better understand the suffering of others. From all the abuse and hurt. I learned that the opposite of hate is allot better thing to share with others. So I like that I'm tolerant and understanding of others. And even when it hurts to care so deeply. I like that I'm a caring and loving person. I like that I want to put others first, and am not a selfish or greedy person out for myself. I like that I don't care about fame or fortune. That I don't care about money. I like that I'm a healthy person. I love exercise and eating healthy. And I don't like to drink, smoke, or have any unhealthy habits.

I'm likewise very thankful that I've learned from my past. Glad that I have an easy going, carefree, happy-go-lucky attitude. I try not to get all stressed out about all the bad junk that happens. I try to keep a positive attitude. Focus on the good, and not let any hate or badness get me down. I truly believe that when one stays upbeat and looks forward. When one keeps a positive mindset, and never gives up, then nothing is impossible.

So yeah, I'm an eternal optimist. Mr. Optimist. Mr. Positive. Mr. Huggy Hug Hug. Did I mention, I like to hug. I'm a hugger. I hug so much, some even call me Mr. Hugger. Yet I'm not going to apologize for being too nice, too positive, or overly huggy. Cause it is better to be nice, than not so nice. A smile is always better than a frown. It's just not in me to be any other way. So I cannot help but give a kind word or a loving hug to anyone that needs support.

Anyhow, since I am not going into whether I like having superpowers; or like being an empath with the power to feel all the emotional crap that others are feeling. I will just say it's a heck of allot tougher to be hero and try to save people. Even with powers, and good intentions, things don't always go as expected. So it's not easy being a teen hero. Too much pressure to never mess up; and feeling like an outsider and freak isn't cool either. But overall, being able to help others, and make even a tiny difference is good. So despite all the baggage, emotional and otherwise. As I get older, I like who I am becoming.

Well do think I've hit the main stuff I like about myself. Clearly I'm also talkative and long-winded, which I don't like so much. But it's hard not to be long-winded when one has allot to say. Uh, but do think I've said enough. So I'll just finish with some super hugs from the Teen of Power, Hero of Tomorrow. And do wish much love and continued best of luck to one and all.*Hugs*

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Mar. 9th, 2011

Cool 5

Topic 377 - What is your secret ingredient?

What is your secret ingredient? Mine is orange juice... Cinnamon... or dark chocolate. But you didn't ask what the secret ingredient was for. So I'll just keep that a secret... for now.

I do not really reflect or ponder much about the ingredients in earth's many foods. Cause my childhood was more with the hunger and thirst. Growing up in such a crap place as Apokolips will do that. So given my past, I am thankful for whatever meals I have. Since coming to America. It has been more with too many choices, and more food than I could ever imagine. And even though I can eat like a horse. Luckily, I have not had to worry about putting on the pounds. Guess I got good genes. Not that I know who my genes come from. Yet don't wanna get all depressed thinking about such things. So think I'll just say I got Adonis DNA and leave it at that.

In terms of secret ingredients in foods I find most desirable. I do not know what all the ingredients are in my favorite foods. But long as a pizza has plenty of cheese and sausage, then I'm good to go.

And writing about food has gotten me hungry. So think I'll be dropping off now to eat some ice cream - made of milk, sugar, cream, and vanilla. Simple ingredients, but oh so delicious.

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Feb. 23rd, 2011


Topic 373 - to please or be pleased?

Are you more likely to please others or to please yourself?

As a child, I grew up in a place that was all about Darkseid. Apokolips was his personal hell. All New God's either lived for Darkseid. Or they died for Darkseid. Either one or the other, he made the choice. Like all others under the oppressive rule of the god of evil. I was beat down. Humbled. Humiliated. Damaged. Demoralized. I learned to serve... to follow... to please him.

After Little Barda and I escaped. That all changed. Fleeing to Earth, and starting anew. We gained our freedom. In America, we found a place that no longer forced us to serve a tyrannical monster against our will. We found a place where people freely helped each other. Not out of some selfish reason. Nor out of fear. But out of love for their fellow humans. A caring and deep humanity. A humanity that touches my soul and lifts my spirit into the stars. I am very thankful to be in America. A place of such beauty and goodness. I am honored to be in such a noble and wondrous place.

And like many other heroes, young and old alike. I try to please others. I try to put the needs and wants of others first. Not because I have to. But because it feels good to help others. It feels good to make others feel good. And so I will always put others first. And in doing so, I will find great love and happiness. Cause the greatest satisfaction and joy one can ever feel, is not in oneself, but is found in the giving hearts of others.

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Jan. 26th, 2011

Big Smile, Powerboy Big Smile

Topic 371 - Which cliché rings true to you?

Which cliché rings true to you?

You know what they say. When the rubber meets the road. When push comes to shove. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Clichés like those are basically saying that a person should never throw in the towel. That no matter how bad things get. One should never give up on life or love.

Clichés like the early bird catches the worm; better late than never; no pain, no gain; every dog has his day; look before you leap; to err is human, to forgive is divine; or live everyday like there is no tomorrow. Those expressions are good advice. Helpful sayings from very smart and witty people who have come before us. And be they cheesy or not. Clichés used in a supportive and loving way are good things. So expressions such as every cloud has a silver lining, and there's no place like home. Clichés that are positive and optimistic are the ones that ring true to me.

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Dec. 29th, 2010


Topic 367 - Gift


I grew up on a world where the word 'gift' was never used. My childhood was on a world that had no Santa Claus. It was a hellish place that had no Christmas or joyous time of gifts and giving. On Apokolips, the demonic ruler Darkseid gave no gifts to those he oppressed. All he gave was misery and death.

So it goes without saying, but growing up I didn't get any gifts. I never knew that one showed their love by giving gifts. For the slums of Amagetto gave no happiness or loving memories. So I never had any birthday's, or Christmas's. Such things was not considered of any value. Be they New God or Lowly. Their hopes and dreams didn't matter to Darkseid. Only Darkseid mattered. What he wanted was all that mattered.

All that changed when Little Barda and I escaped to Earth. It was then I discovered a world that was the polar opposite of my homeworld. Earth is such an amazing place. Despite all it's problems. It is still a wonderful place. Far better than worse. It is a place full of so much hope and love. And from what I've seen, one doesn't have to be a hero, or have special powers or tons of money to do good. Everyone has the power to make a positive difference in the world. Everyone has the ability to do wonderful things, if they believe and never give up. Even those with so very little have so much to give.

All things considered. I consider it a gift to live on Earth. A gift to have met those I've met. A gift to have met such kind and beautiful souls. To have felt such kindness and love. Earth is were so many people give freely of themselves. A world where numbers beyond measure give their time to help their fellow man. Where they give there friendship and support without expecting anything in return. They give there love selflessly.

Of all the gifts humans can give. Love is truly the best gift of all. The greatest gift anyone could ever give or receive. It is the only gift that will endure the passage of time. Long after all other gifts fade away into oblivion. The love that is given and received shall live on and on.

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Dec. 8th, 2010


Topic 363 - What are you listening to?

What are you listening to?

I like to listen to music. I pretty much like every kind of music. Well okay, I don't much like heavy metal. It's a bit too loud. And don't really get rap music either. I don't get all the words they use. And certainly don't like listening to any bad words.

Basically, I prefer to listen to rock n' roll and pop rock.

Yet, given the time of year it is. The kind of music I'm listening to most of all now is Christmas songs. It really touches my heart to hear so much positive and uplifting music. It's impossible for me not to get into a very cheerful and happy mood. Even with all the reasons to feel blue or be depressed. Listening to Christmas songs has a way of lifting my spirits. It helps me to shake off any negativity and just let a wave of kindness and love wash over me.

Unlike the rest of the year. Christmas is a very unique and magical time. For kids or those that are young at heart. Christmas is such a wonderful holiday.

Anyway, think me and my dog Kirby will get back to enjoying the season by watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. But before I go. For all who read these words, my positive vibes and well wishes go to you and all those you hold dear.

I wish you a Merry Christmas. I wish you a Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year.

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Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
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Nov. 10th, 2010


Topic 360 - What haunts you/what has come back to haunt you?

What haunts you/what has come back to haunt you?

Despite my young age. I have my share of issues. My early years was as bad as they get. Abandoned in the slums of Amagetto. Not having any support or love as a child. Given the unfortunate circumstances I was born into. What haunts me most of all is my bad childhood. Being born on Apokolips. Growing up on a literal hell world has left me emotionally and psychologically messed up. So I will always be haunted by my past. Nothing short of losing my memory could ever change that.

In terms of what has come back to haunt me. Not so much what, but who haunts me. Darkseid haunts my nightmares. Due to all the terrible and painful things I suffered as a child. It's hard to have a good nights sleep. Hard not fear the darkness. And even though I know its irrational to fear his return. To fear that somehow he'll come back. Despite being taken down for good by Batman. Long as there is hate and evil in the world. Darkseid's legacy lives on.

Yet they say that knowing is half the battle. I know that I have issues. I also know their isn't anything I can do to change the past. Being angry or depressed about being treated horribly doesn't change anything. The only way to conquer hate is by rejecting it. My nightmares may always be haunted by my abusive past. Haunted by Darkseid. But I will not let my past destroy me. No matter what, I will rise above all the hate and negativity. I can never forget, but I can forgive. So regardless of all the badness I've seen or will see. I can and will face the future with compassion, tolerance, and understanding. I will do what I can to show love and friendship to all who need it. I will do my best to help change the world by always showing more kindness and love.

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Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
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Oct. 13th, 2010


Topic 356 - Have you ever been persecuted?

Have you ever been persecuted?

I was born on Apokolips. Growing up on that hellish world. Growing up on a planet ruled by the sadistic Darkseid. Having the misfortune to exist under the demented rule of the greatest force of evil in all existence. Abuse, agony, misery, persecution... along with years of torture and mistreatment was pretty much a given.

If Darkseid was good at anything, he was an expert at making others suffer. He took great pleasure in causing the suffering of others. Be they the downtrodden Lowly's suffering in the slums of Armagetto. All the poor souls damned to an eternity of agony in the fire pits. Or even the most powerful of New Gods, such as the son of Highfather, Scott Free. All New Gods suffered persecution at the hands of Darkseid. His underlings Granny, Desaad, and the Female Furies likewise took great satisfaction in making life a living hell for all the children in Grannies Orphanage's. After years of abuse, Little Barda and I was fortunate to escape from that horrific reality. Thanks to Father Box we escaped to Earth-0 in early 2006. And for a time, as part of the Teen Titans, we was able to leave the painful memories of our abusive childhood behind us.

But sadly we couldn't run far enough to escape our pasts. For all New Gods was doomed to suffer even more persecution and tragedy. Thanks to the Source. The creator of the Fourth World turned its back on my flawed and far too proud race. Between the fall of 2007 and early 2008 every New God from Apokolips and New Genesis was horribly murdered by the New God Killer. All the forces of good and evil was killed by Infinity-Man.

So if suffering years of abuse, hardship, and torture from Darkseid. And ending up brutally murdered doesn't count as persecution. Then nothing does.

Given how painful and sad life is most of the time, maybe not so luckily. The Source resurrected all the other New Gods in the Earth-51 Universe. While my Father Box restored me to life. Father Box gave me another chance to live. And the Source gave all New Gods another chance to get things right. Whether they do any better this time. Or end up destroying themselves again. Only time will tell.

So yeah, I have some knowledge of what it is to suffer persecution. All those from my destroyed reality suffered greatly over the eons. Largely a result of the evil's Darkseid brought. Damnation and death for all who walked in his wake. But he is not the only one that liked to persecute others. It seems that no matter the world. No matter the nation or race. There is always those who have hate in their hearts. Always those who reject respect, tolerance, and love. Always those who choose destruction and darkness.

Yet I have no power over how others think or act. And despite whatever powers I may have to do so. Unlike Darkseid or other New Gods, I will never force my views on humans. I did not come to be a master of the universe. I came to Earth to help the world. Came to be a servant of Humanity. So barring being mind controlled or possessed, which totally sucks by the way. Barring any outside forces manipulating me. Long as I have control over myself. I shall reject all persecution. I shall reject all hatred. I shall stand against evil in all its forms. Cause I believe that there should be no hate or persecution in the world. There should only be peace, love, and happiness for everyone.

In closing, being an empath I can feel what others feel. So I have a better understanding than most what suffering feels like. It is easier for me to walk in the shoe of others. Because it is impossible for me not to feel what others feel. If more people was empathetic. If more was able to feel what others feel. Maybe they'd try a bit harder not to hurt or cause those they don't like to feel bad. Maybe someday everyone will be able to rise above their differences. Hopefully someday everyone will look past all the superficial junk, and see that everyone is equal. See that love is the way.

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Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
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Sep. 22nd, 2010


Topic 352 - How do you respond to pressure?

How do you respond to pressure?

As a New God I have powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Be it New York or San Francisco... Mexico City, or Honolulu, Hawaii. In the blink of an eye, I can be anywhere on Earth. I can even go to the moon and back before someone could say 'Have a nice day.'

I'm no Power Girl... who is old enough to be my mother... but like her I have more than enough super-strength, super-speed, and limited invulnerability that makes me hard to hurt. So physically I'm built to take a licking and keep on ticking. Therefore, physically I'm more than tough enough to be able to respond to pressure without breaking a sweat.

And unlike most of my fellow New Gods, who choose not to use their God given powers for the betterment of others. Who chose instead to fight amongst themselves and destroy everything. Even causing the destruction of my homeworld and the end of the Fourth World itself. Before it's destruction, I had thankfully chose to reject that existence. I rejected the evil's of Darkseid and his tyrannic rule on the barren, desolate, sadistic world of Apokolips. Instead fleeing to Earth with my wonderful friend Little Barda. And once on Earth, I didn't hide away, or try to use my powers to control or dominate. I joined the Teen Titans. A group of young heroes who's sole purpose is to make the world a better place. They helped me to become a teen Superhero. And gave me a shot at trying to make a difference in the world.

Part of that making a difference is trying to help those that need help. As a hero, saving lives requires that your able to handle pressure. For even the slightest of mistakes. Even a seconds doubt can mean the difference between saving the day or going to a funeral. Thanks to my super-speed, I can respond faster than a blink of an eye to even the most dangerous of situations. I can save someone before they even know what the heck happened. And be they other hero's needing a helping hand... or men, women, and children needing saved during a Hurricane... I've done pretty good at using my powers to save countless lives.

So in terms of being a hero. I got the responding to pressure thing down pat. However, when it comes to responding to personal pressures. That's another story. A story where my empathic powers to feel what others feel doesn't help. Let's just say I got a long way to go before I'm as good at responding to the pressures of everyday living. I'm not very good at responding to the pressures of trying to be a teenager is such a screwed up world. It's easy to put on my Powerboy costume and have exciting adventures. It's allot harder to respond to losing loved ones. Hard to lose friends. And is especially tough dealing with all the heartache and pain that comes with caring about those you failed to save.

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Sep. 9th, 2010


Topic 349 - Where/when are you most yourself?

Where/when are you most yourself?

When trying to answer this question. I will try to be open and not just vague or try to hide my inner most feelings and thoughts. I have found that most males have trouble sharing their feelings. They think that it shows weakness or makes them vulnerable to let their guard down. Some females are that way as well. Some are too afraid to open up due to fear of being hurt. It is easier to just create a tough exterior to hide their insecurities.

I feel sorry for those who are too afraid to open up and just be themselves. Life is allot more easy when you just let all the fears, worries, and hang ups go. Not worrying about what others think or how some not so nice people will judge you. No matter what a person does or how they act around others. Whether they are good or bad. Some will always find a reason to hate. Cause just as there are nice people that want to share their love and happiness with the world. There are those on the other side, that are mean and hurtful. It's best to ignore those who are not considerate or tolerant. Best to avoid those who choose to destroy, instead of building up. Best to avoid those who are not cool.

Being an empath, I admit that it is extremely hard to be around those who are negative buzz kills. Such people make life miserable for everyone around them. Thankful I'm pretty good at not letting anything get me down. There is far too much goodness is the world to ever let a little darkness get me down.

Despite being over-emotional at times. Not feeling very comfortable around bad people or large groups of people with all their erratic and confusing emotions. I'm most certainly not myself around those I do not know. And even less so around crowds. It's more difficult to share ones feelings in groups. Yet no matter the circumstance, I always try to be as friendly and helpful as I can be. I also try to be as open and honest about how I'm feeling. Perhaps I am too honest and forthright for my own good. But that's just the way I am, and am not planning on changing just to fit in better.

Anyway, when am I most myself. When away from everyone and the outside world. When I am by myself at a park, in a woods, at the beach - anywhere away from the drama and craziness of city life. I am most at peace around animals and nature. When not by myself. Well gee, I would say that I'm most myself around those who I feel most comfortable. I am most myself in one on one settings. Like when I'm alone with my dog Kirby. I can just relax and not be stressed out about anything. He makes me feel good and reminds me that even the simplest moments can be precious and awesome.

In terms of being myself around those who don't walk on four legs. I'm most myself in situations where there is no stress or negativity. I am most comfortable hanging out with those who are considerate, kind, loving, and understanding. Most myself around beautiful souls who go out of there way to put others first. Basically just hanging out with friends can put me on Cloud 9. So spending time with my loved ones. Just talking with my wonderful friends like Barda, Tim and Kara, whom I respect and love dearly. When I am with such awesome friends, that is when I am most myself.

theatrical_muse: Topic #349
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
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Aug. 19th, 2010


Topic 347 - Where are you going?

Where are you going?

I'm not sure what is meant by this question. Is it asking where I'm going today, tomorrow... next week, month, or year? I'm taking my pug dog Kirby for a walk in Central Park in about ten minutes. But that's not very interesting. So not sure if that is what was meant by the question.

Maybe the question is asking where am I going in life? I'm not really sure where I'm going in terms of a career or job. I'm just an orphaned teen from some place far far away. I'm just trying to find my place in the Big Apple, which isn't that easy when one doesn't have that many connections. And even a bit harder given that I haven't really figured out what I wanna do. I'm not really all that goal oriented at the moment. So am basically directionless. I'm pretty much at a point in my life where I'm just drifting around. Literally. I'm still young, so have time to decide all that junk. Hopefully I will find something that interests me sooner than later.

For now the answer to where I'm going is a journey to somewhere relaxing and stress free. New York has been a bit too stressful lately. So I'm going on a vacation to Hawaii. Getting away from all the stresses and worries of the outside world. This weekend I'm just gonna try to enjoy a nice peaceful trip to one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I'll be wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Hanging out on a warm and sandy beach. I'll be saying Aloha to everyone. Aloha means hello and goodbye, which is odd. Uh, anyway, whatever happens after that is uncertain. For now all I have the power to do. Is try my best to enjoy the beauty and fun that life has to offer. Life is too short and precious to do anything less.

theatrical_muse: Topic #347
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 332

Jul. 29th, 2010

Powerboy Superhero, Greatest Teen Hero, Hero

Have you ever sold out?

Have you ever sold out?

Being unsure what was meant by the term "sold out." I asked my Father Box to see if he understood the question. What's a Father Box you might ask? He is basically a really smart, computer like being of vast knowledge and power. Though I only use him for the most basic of things. Such as creating food; a communication device to talk with friends; for teleportation over great distances; or as a warning system to let me know where I'm needed to save lives. Linked to The Source, Father Boxes are far more powerful than humans could ever comprehend. Such as the ability to manipulate energy, matter, and time itself. When not integrated into the circuitry of my costume, my Father Box looks like a box. Hench the word box in his name. What FB lacks in appearance. He makes up for in intelligence and love. Having a brainy know it all in my head can be annoying. But his loyalty and unconditional love has saved my butt too many times to count. So I could not ask for a better companion.

Father Box says there are several definitions of sold out. One refers to the selling out of books by a successful writer. Seeing that I haven't even written a book. Although I dreamed I wrote a book once. Only to wake up and realize I'd wasted hours of dreaming on writing nothing. Worst part was forgetting what I was writing about. Forgetting dreams sucks. That's for sure. Uh, anyway, I'm certain I have never sold out in terms of that definition.

Father Box says another definition has to do with a politician taking bribes or selling their vote or influence to the highest bidder. I'm a teenager from another world. One that is as different as two worlds could possibly be. Being an alien, I know very little about the political processes on Earth. Other than that most countries claim to be free and democratic. A claim I find unlikely. But my view point is somewhat biased. All I know of politics is very negative. Cause on my home world of Apokolips there was no freedom or democracy. It was corrupt and terrible. Very much what humans would call an oppressive dictatorship.

Darkseid ruled with an iron hand. His word was law. Evil incarnate. Nobody would think of questioning his authority. To do so would mean certain death. Or even worse, to be Omega Beamed out of existence. Now some certainly betrayed him. Countless numbers died over the years trying to resist his demonic oppression. The New Gods of New Genesis tried to help liberate Apokolips as well. Even Darkseid's own son Orion rejected his rule. As did his adoptive son Scott Free. And the greatest of all Female Furies, Big Barda betrayed him for something far more powerful than he. The power of love. Scott and Barda escaped to Earth. They searched for a good life away from darkness. Years later me and Little Barda followed in their footsteps. Inspired by them and Superheroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl. We wanted to fight for freedom and justice. And hoped to find a place away from all the hate and misery, where we could feel happy and loved. We knew such hopes could never come true on such a dark and depressing world as Apokolips. So after months of waiting for the right opportunity. When Darkseid was distracted with other matters. Little Barda and I stole a Father Box, and fled to New Earth for a new life.

I do not think the rejection of evil. The turning of ones back on the dark side can be considered selling out. Doing what is right and just is never wrong. Rejecting hate for love is the only path that can ever lead to happiness and peace.

Unlike most of those from my hellish world. Who was not much for the loyalty or honor. If I ever was in a position of power on Earth, I would never take a bribe or sell out. Cause such actions would be morally wrong. Like my closest friends in the Teen Titans have taught me. Being loyal, steadfast, and true is the obligation of all who fight on the side of good. To allow ones ethics to fall into question would weaken a heroes ability to do good or make a positive difference in the world. A hero must always be honorable, kind, helpful, and understanding to all in need, regardless of difference.

Speaking of honor and being a good hero. Father Box is telepathically telling me this question most likely has to do with the following definition. Selling out in reference to someone compromising their integrity, morals, and principles in exchange for money, personal gain, or success. Basically anyone that puts their own financial or personal interests before that of their friends, neighbors, or society. I have no interest in money, fame, or success as it is defined by humans. I will never understand why anyone would place importance on such things. Some people have their priorities way out of whack. Cause such things are of no lasting value. What I seek cannot be found by being a famous sports figure. Nor can it be found by selling out to succeed in business, politics, or entertainment. What I seek cannot be bought. My primary aim is to make deep and meaningful bonds. It is to show compassion and help others in need. It is to find some happiness in life. And above all else, it is to find what Scott Free and his wife Barda found. Friendship. Family. And Love.

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Jul. 8th, 2010


Topic 341 - What makes you cry?

What makes you cry?

Being an empath, I'm a very emotional boy. It can be difficult at times to deal with others emotions on top of my own. Feeling what others feel. Their inner turmoil. Their heartache and depression. Their loneliness and despair. It can be overwhelming. But it doesn't make me cry. I can usually handle whatever emotions I'm feeling.

Of course its a different story if the negative emotions I'm feeling are from someone I actually know or care about. Relationships with friends makes stuff more complicated. Having my feelings hurt by someone I care about hurts far worse than any pain a stranger could ever cause. Feeling like I've disappointed and failed someone I care about is likewise very painful.

Great pain, both emotional and physical can make even the strongest of souls feel like they need to cry. So I have encountered times of great sorrow where it was impossible to do anything else. Times where I felt powerless. Felt totally helpless. For example, one of the saddest moments of my life was when I gone to a funeral. It was the funeral of a teenage girl. A girl who's life was cut far too short. Like all who attended, I cried. I cried for her. And I cried for her family and friends who lost someone they loved dearly. Someone they'd never get to see again. Thankfully my wonderful friend Barda was by my side. Her inner strength helped give me the strength to carry on and help console others.

Despite some saying boys shouldn't cry. And most human cultures not being very supportive of one expressing their feelings in public. There is nothing wrong with crying when feeling overwhelming grief. I believe it is better to be open about ones emotions. Better to not keep things bottled up. Even if one can only do so privately. Only do so when others are not around. In times when someone feels emotionally devastated. When feeling the need to express the pain and hurt. It is better to express it through crying than anger.

Lashing out at others or the world will never make things better. Anger will never wash away hurt and sorrow. There is shame in losing control and hurting others. And shame in not showing kindness and compassion to those who need it. But there is no shame in crying when feeling bad. No shame in crying out of love. Cause nothing but love can ever make heartache and suffering go away.

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Jun. 17th, 2010


Topic 338 - Name or nickname.

Tell the story behind your name (or nickname).

This is a depressing subject to write or think about. For most people, this would be easy. It would be something they can be proud of. Proud of their name. Proud of their family history and the legacy they follow. I envy those who can just give their name and write about it. Who was given their name by loving parents that cared. Heroes that done right and helped make a better life for their namesake.

But with me, its not that simple. Cause the sad truth is that I don't have a known birth name. I'm an orphan. As a baby, I was abandoned in the slums of Amagetto. So I have no idea who my parents were. Other than being a member of the alien race known as New Gods. I know very little about my ancestry or who I'm related to.

As for the story behind my superhero name. My name is Powerboy. Some that don't know me very well call me Power Boy. But I prefer it to be spoken and written as one word like Superboy. Just as it would be an insult to call Superman... Super Man... or Supergirl... Super Girl. I'm Powerboy, one word.

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May. 20th, 2010


Topic 335 - Something you know by heart.

Write about something you know by heart.

I know many things by heart. But I'm not really sure what to write about. So I will just keep it simple. I'll talk about my favorite movie. A movie that I can watch again and again. A movie that I never get tired of watching. And even though I know it by heart. Know how it always ends. Know all the songs. It is such a wonderful movie that I just love watching it over and over.

My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. And my favorite song in the movie is Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I know the song by heart. And never get tired of hearing it. The movie was made a long time ago. Way back in 1939, a time when the technology used to make movies was much simpler. Yet despite not having the special effects of modern movies. It is one of the few fantasy films that has been able to stand the test of time.

But its not the costumes, music, sets, or special effects that makes the movie my favorite. It is the wonderful characters, so full of hope and love. Dorothy and her dog Toto searching for the way home. The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion searching for the wisdom, heart, and courage to face life head on.

The movie has simple truths. Home is where the heart is. Home is where you have friends and loved ones that care about and need you. Also that we may already have what we're searching for. We may be smarter than others think we are. And by not giving up on life, no matter how difficult or challenging it becomes. Simply by believing in ourselves, we may discover that we have more brains, heart, and courage than we ever imagined.

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Apr. 22nd, 2010

Powerboy Superhero, Greatest Teen Hero, Hero

Topic 331 - Talk about something you used to love.

Talk about something you used to love.

As time has passed. I have grown more disheartened about one of my loves. The love of adventuring. The love of being a teen hero. It's not that I still don't love helping people. Nor that I no longer feel great joy and satisfaction from trying to help make the world better. It is just that being a hero isn't very fun. At least not anymore. It has become such a dark and deadly vocation. Sadly far too many young heroes have fallen by the wayside. Far too many have died senseless deaths. Evil has won countless times. And it is all the misery, and negativity that makes it difficult to enjoy being a hero anymore.

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Apr. 8th, 2010


Topic 327 - Every day is a journey

"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home."
- Matsuo Basho, Narrow Road (tr. Sam Hamill)

Geez. Things very seldom go as expected. Every day is full of both good and bad things. Every day is full of one crazy adventure and challenge after another. Some good and some not so nice. There is no way one could ever be prepared for what happens.

Being an orphan that didn't have the good fortune to grow up in a loving home. I was never blessed to have a family or a home full of love and happiness. And no matter how hard I try to find my way. I still feel very much lost. And despite my best efforts to find a place where I belong. I always end up alone.

My journey has been full of much heartache and disappointment. It has been full of far too many setbacks. Not just minor bumps in the road, but huge boulders. Obstacles so huge that it seems impossible to ever overcome. One bad break after another. So at times I'm really not sure if I'll ever be able to overcome all the crap that fate is dishing out. I really don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what my purpose or destiny is in life. Heck, I'm not even sure if I have a destiny. Or least one that would ever lead to a good place.

Since I was a child, one of the things I have longed for most. Besides discovering who I am and who my parents are. I have sought understanding. Sought to understand and to be understood. And through understanding to find acceptance and to feel wanted. I want to know unconditional love. Through thick or thin, good times and bad. I wanna find the one who will always be there to give a helping hand, and a supportive embrace. A loved one to fill my heart with so much peace, joy, and love.

Every day of life is a journey. Life is the ultimate journey. It's destination is so very unclear. Like most, I'm uncertain where my journey will lead. Much as I fear the unknown. Fear the pain and sorrow that all the tomorrows may hold. I hope that no matter the obstacles that lay ahead. I have faith that the journey's end will lead to some place good. That the journey will be full of far more ups than downs. And that the journey I take will lead me to the friendship and love I seek. Til then, I can only hope that the crazy journey that is my life will lead to a happy place that I can call home.

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Muse: Power Boy
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Mar. 20th, 2010

BFF Tim, Powerboy and Tim

Happy Birthday boywonder3

Happy Birthday, Tim. You truly are the most wonderful friend anyone could ever have.

I continue to be forever honored to have such an awesome friend as you Tim. Thanks again for being such an important part of my life.

I'm deeply sorry that you've had to deal with far too much misfortune and tragedy over the past years. So am sending a ton of positive vibes and well wishes your way. I'm hoping with all my heart that the future will be far brighter than you could ever hope for. May you find nothing but much success, love, and happiness over the coming months and year.*Hugs*

Sincerely Your Friend Forever, Powerboy:)
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Mar. 11th, 2010


Topic 325 - Invent

What do you wish someone would invent?

Gosh, it seems like most of the good stuff has already been invented. And as time goes on the creative spirit of man continues. I have no doubt that those who invent things will continue to search for ways to make life more convenient for humans. Looking for problems that need solved, and trying to figure out the best solutions for said problem.

People already have inventions in the works to replace the gas guzzling internal combustion engines used in automobiles and most other machinery. Making new tech powered by solar energy will reduce pollution and be far less harmful to the environment. So ever newer and improved technologies that are environmental friendly is the way to go.

In terms of something that has yet to be invented, that I'd like to see invented. Well on that front, I do guess there is something that has bugged me quite a bit of late. Most inventions are born from the need to solve a problem. My problem has to do with dreams. I have trouble remembering any of my dreams from the previous nights sleep. It is annoying to only remember a tiny bit of a dream. And even more frustrating not to recall a dream at all. So I think it would be cool if someone invented a dream recorder. A device to record ones dreams.

Some machine has already been created that can tell when a person is dreaming, but can't actually tell anything more. I would like to recall my dreams to see if there was any good ideas to come from them. I am most certain that there would be countless new ideas for new inventions that are currently lost in the millions of forgotten dreams had the world over. Thus I think that a device to help recall dreams would offer far greater contribution to humanity than most could ever imagine.

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Muse: Power Boy
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Feb. 11th, 2010


Topic 321 - Cool


It was a cool winter day. Due to the weather being cloudy and a bit too chilly for most city goers. Not many people was out and about to enjoy the scenic beauty the park had to offer. The young hero known as Powerboy was sitting at one of the many empty park bench's in Battery Park, New York. He felt more at peace in such places than in the other parts of the big cities, which was far too crowded and emotionally overwhelming for his liking. Growing up in a not so good place that was always hot. He loved the coolest season and its winterly weather very much.

As a cool breeze blew through his long dark hair. The Boy of Power was at the park awaiting the arrival of someone near and dear to his heart. Waiting for a very wonderful friend that he cared for deeply. They'd promised to hang out with him for the day. And given how awesome his cool friend always made him feel. He was certain some quality time with them, would help take away the gloominess he'd been feeling of late.

In the distance he could hear a child's voice singing an unusual song. Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating of curds and whey. There came a great spider, who sat down beside her. And frightened Miss Muffet away. He didn't understand what the rhyme meant, so thought nothing more of it.

Powerboy was more distracted than usual by his own somber thoughts. The young orphan from the hellish Apokolips was feeling more and more lonely. As he waited on the cold bench for one of the only people in the world that actually cared about him. A man and woman whom he recognized as members of the legendary Justice Society of America walked by. None other than Hourman and Liberty Belle. From what he'd heard, they was one of the few happy couples in the Superhero community. But given the misfortune that had befallen so many other heroic couples like Hawkman and Hawkgirl, or Ralph and Sue Dibney. The thoughtful boy wondered how long they would able to survive the trials and tribulations of being heroes in such dark and dangerous times.

Yet for today they was clearly enjoying the calm of a peaceful day away from work. Enjoying each other and the precious time they have to share. Being an Empath, it is impossible for the lonely boy not to feel their overwhelming love for each other. It warms his heart greatly to feel such love and devotion. Their unbreakable bond and unconditional love is what he hopes to one day know. Yet sadly the beautiful emotions he feels from the two older heroes was only a momentary feeling, for the heroic lovers continued on their way. Continuing on with their shared journey through life. And taking their loving vibes with them. Once again he was left alone. Left to feel cold, empty, and lonely.

Sadly Powerboy's thoughts turned back to his abusive past. A loveless childhood. An abused orphan knowing no kindness or compassion. No friends. No family. No one had ever cared about him. Knowing only great sadness and despair.

As he continued to wait, thinking back to the two soulmates he just had the honor to see firsthand. His heart longed all the more to find true love and happiness with someone... with someone that truly cared about him. Someone that loved him as deeply as Hourman and Liberty Belle loved each other. He so deeply hoped with all his heart and soul that he'd find the happiness and love they was blessed to find. That someday he'd know true love... and if and when that day finally came. He hopes the pain of his years of neglect and abuse will be washed away by the love of a beautiful soul.

Til that day comes, he waits. He waits for loves warm embrace.

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Muse: Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
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Jan. 14th, 2010


Topic 317 - What do you still have from when you were young?

What do you still have from when you were young?

I'm a teenager. Ergo, technically I'm still counted as young. Just not as young as I used to be. But not too young to be seen as a little kid. And old enough to know things, like that girls don't actually have cooties. Most girls anyway. So is okay to hug them.

I'm going through that difficult transition phase between rebellious teenager and young adulthood, where I want to be treated like an adult and given more respect. Yet, I also long for the joys of a happy carefree childhood. One full of much fun and happiness (that I missed out on in my own youth). And I admit that I fear becoming an adult with all the crappy responsibilities. Like having to work and paying bills that comes with growing up. From all appearances adult stuff is really depressing and stressful, and so not fun at all.

Of course, my childhood wasn't very pleasant either. Given that my childhood was full of much abuse, cruelty, and neglect. One where even the most basic of needs was not met. I have nothing to show from when I was younger. No Birthday presents or Christmas gifts, for I had no birthdays or celebrations of the holidays.

I have no fond childhood memento or keepsakes to help remember the not so good old days. Perhaps that is for the best. It is better not to have any physical reminders of hurtful and painful times. But that is not to say I do not still carry some things from the past with me. The old saying, what doesn't kill you, makes your stronger is true. I survived all the pain and darkness of my childhood. And it is through those hardships, I gained a better understand of the suffering of others. An understanding that only through friendship, kindness, and love can happiness be found. Despite everything, I'm grateful that all the negative stuff that happened to me had the positive effect of making me a better person. So what I will always take with me from my troubled youth, is my inner strength to endure all hardships. My never say die spirit. My gentle, compassionate, and forgiving nature. My love of life. And my everlasting hope that through the power of love tomorrow will be better than today.

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Muse: Power Boy
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Jan. 1st, 2010

Powerboy Sees Good In Everyone, Good

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade

Hello, my friends. It's a new day, a new month, a new year, and a new decade. A time of many New Year Parties and Celebrations around the world. Watching fireworks in many big cities. Listening to the singing of J-Lo, The Black Eyed Peas and others for free. Watching the excitement around the Time Square Ball Drop. And even having total strangers hugging and kissing each other. It feels nice to be part of the gathering of millions of people so over-joyed to welcome in a new year. People full of so much hope, so much joy, and so much love. It is a time to reflect upon the past, and more importantly a time to look ahead to the dawning of a new beginning.

As this wonderful new year starts. I just want to wish all the caring and kind souls on my friends list a very Happy New Year. Regardless of any bad junk that has happened to you in the past. Like they say, out with the old, in with the new. Let all the bad times be water under the bridge. Don't let nothing get you down. For the only way to find happiness, is to never give up on finding happiness. Never stop looking forward. It is always best to look towards a happier and more awesome tomorrow. And with all my heart, I truly hope this new year, and new decade will be the best ever. May it be filled with new hopes, new dreams, and new loves.

PS - You all continue to Rock. May you and your loved ones find nothing but much happiness and love in 2010. Best Wishes, Many Hugs, and Happy New Decade Everyone.

Sincerely, The Most Huggable Hero Ever, PB:)

Dec. 23rd, 2009


Something Old, Something New

Write about something old, something new, or something borrowed.

What can be both something old or something new? Something borrowed or something blue? The answer is love. Or so say I. And since I'm the one answering this topic. Yeah, love is the answer.

There are so many different kinds of love. Love of animals. Love of some fictional character, book, tv show, or movie. Love of holidays. Love of wine, women, and song. Love of friends. Love of family. Yet no matter what kind of love it is, the power to love and be loved is truly the greatest thing in the world.

The most wonderful kind of love is one that never ends... a love that persists through good times and bad. Love of family. Love of friends. Those two are amongst the most wonderous of all. For love of family and friends are the most meaningful connections that a soul will ever find in life. And such love is eternal love that will always stand the test of time.

Yet recent friendships, or even the unique bonds developed on such things as the internet can touch ones soul deeply. Can leave a positive impression on ones life forever. Love can be found in so many different places. It can be found when one doesn't even know they need it, or don't even realize their looking for it.

Love is a beautiful thing. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Stronger than hate. Stronger than any evil the world can ever throw at you. Nothing is stronger than a love that is pure and true.

Love can be painful at times. Some wrongly think that love is all about happiness and hugs. It's not. Love hurts. Real love will always hurt. Loved ones can't help hurting each other. And truth be told if we didn't feel hurt, then we never really cared. You have to care about someone to be disappointed and heartbroken. Whether intentional or not, the hurt is real, and can take a long time to heal. Like when a loved one goes away. Whatever reason why they left, your heart will ache til they come home. And if you are unfortnuate enough to lose a loved one. Your heart will forever hurt, for your love of them will never fade away.

So to truly love you have to open your heart and risk heartbreak. It also doesn't hurt to remember that loved ones are neither perfect, nor immortal. They will make mistakes. Regardless of their screwups or trainwrecks. If one is not able to forgive... not able to love someone despite their flaws and weaknesses. Well, I feel sorry for those who are unable to love unconditionally. Unable to love with all their heart and soul. For they will never know the true power that comes from such selfless love. They will never know eternal love. A love so powerful that it only grows stronger with the passage of time. Growing into a ever deeper and a more meaningful connection. Two souls forever linked... forever united... eternally sharing their love together.

Love is good. Think that sums up my point of view on the subject. And with that I'll finish off this post talking about another love that I feel all around me. A love so strong that it fills me with nothing but happiness and joy. It is that most wonderous time of year once again. It's Christmas time. The most beautiful of all holidays has different meaning to different people. For me its not about giving or receiving some gift. It's about letting someone know that you are thinking about them. Letting a loved one know that you value and appreciate them. That is the most important thing. All the positive vibes and well wishes that so many share this time of year. All the kindness, and friendship that is freely given to friend and stranger alike, is the best gift one can ever give.

May everyone find nothing but joy, peace, goodwill, and above all else, love in the New Year to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone:)

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Muse: Power Boy
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Nov. 26th, 2009


Topic 310 Understand

What do you do when you don't understand someone? When I don't understand someone, I try to make an effort to understand.

I was recently in Seoul, South Korea. It's a very beautiful city. I found it to be like any big city one would find in America or Europe... only with a far more high-tech infrastructure than most. And made up of those whom spoke Korean, and not English. A difference in language did make it harder to understand the people. But I found them to be like most others I've encountered on my travels. The people was friendly and nice. Even to a stranger different from them, they showed kindness and understanding.

When I was in Korea, they was celebrating a three day harvest festival called Chuseok. Its apparently something like the American holiday Thanksgiving. Only Chuseok is more about honoring ones ancestors than about being thankful for a good harvest of food. I found the people of Seoul to be like those of other countries. Despite the difference in appearance, language, rituals, and beliefs. They had the same love of family. The same fears and worries as all other people's. Like most others around the world, they want to find happiness and love in life. They want to have a nice peaceful life with their loved ones.

I'm young, so I know there is much I don't understand. When it comes to understanding the ways of all the different cultures of the Earth. Humanity and all their unusual practices can be very confusing. There is so many different cultures and ways of living that I don't understand. But just because I don't understand allot of stuff. That doesn't mean I will choose to remain in the dark. I want to learn about all the diverse cultures and countries around the world. I want to have a better understanding of people. I'm not going to judge anyone based on stupid stereotypes or prejudice born of hate and misunderstanding. No matter how difficult, I will always try to respect everyone regardless of differences. I will try to be tolerant and accepting of everyone. My hands will always be open for a respectful handshake to all who wants one. And my arms will always be open to a warm embrace as friends.

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Oct. 29th, 2009


Topic 306 - Make A Point.

How far would you go to make a point.

Not sure I fully understand this question. But whatever that point is supposed to be. Besides being way too long winded. And not being very good at explaining my point of view in a clear way. I'd say I would never go very far in making a point. For even if I was trying to make a point. It would no doubt be lost in translation.

I'm a very thoughtful, easy going, live and let live kind of boy. One might even say I'm a push over. And given my empathetic nature. I feel everything. I feel what everyone around me is feeling. All those emotionally charged vibes cause me to feel sorry for everyone. It lets me feel things from their point of view. Lets me understand them. Pity them. So if I can avoid an argument or upsetting someone, I will. Even if that means giving in and sacrificing my own needs or wants. I will always put the happiness of others before my own personal needs.

So yeah, I don't like all the drama or negativity that comes from people arguing over stuff. It's not cool. Nothing good comes from fighting... from not listening or trying to see things from the other person's point of view. Not to mention, most of the junk people fight about is just plain stupid and meaningless. Fighting over pointless stuff is a waste of time. It's best to stay above the fray. Best not to get pulled down by all the bitterness and hate in the world. No point is worth making someone feel bad. The world needs more compassion and kindness. The world needs more friendly people that are willing to listen and help one another. It needs for everyone to care for one another... to be understanding... and even in the worst of times... show nothing but love to those who need it most.

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Oct. 1st, 2009


Answer a question that you're never asked.

What is it that gives your life meaning and purpose?

The greatest thing one can have in life is someone to love. Someone to care about. Someone to give life meaning and purpose. A reason to wake up in the morning. A reason to try to make a difference in the world. A reason to be better... a reason to live. And I truly believe that there can be no greater love than that of family and friends to give life meaning and purpose.

Being an orphan, my life has always been lacking in a family. So I sadly understand only oh so well the importance of something far too many take for granted. The lack of a loving family, and the absence of their support and guidance is something I miss everyday. I hope to reconnect to my lost loved ones someday. Maybe then that empty part of my heart would have the loneliness and longing to be loved end.

Fortunately I am not totally alone in the world. I have found some wonderful friends to help take away my loneliness. My friends have filled my heart with more happiness and joy than I ever thought possible. For that I am forever grateful, and thankful for their friendship. And I will always try my best to never let them down, and always be there to help them however possible.

Despite how bad life gets at times. And how easy it would be to just give up and be consumed by all the darkness and sadness the world dumps on everyone. Besides supportive friends, I also find the strength and determination to carry on from what I hope tomorrow will bring. Until I find the one thing missing from my life. I will continue to search. Continue to look for my better half. I am young, and eternally optimistic that some day I will find the unconditional acceptance and love that I seek. That I'll find someone that loves me as much as I love them. Someone that accepts me for who I am...the good and the bad...and wants to share an eternal bond of love and happiness.

Until then, I find a good deal of meaning and purpose in more simpler forms of love and happiness. Stuff like spending time with my bestest dog pal, who always makes me feel accepted and lifts my spirits greatly. Or talking and hanging out with awesome friends who know how to keep life interesting. I also find much meaning in doing good things like being kind and supportive to all I encounter. Such great satisfaction can be found in helping others. It feels so wonderful to help animals and people alike. It feels good to try and make a difference in the lives of others. If I can help just one person. Do even one act of kindness everyday. Then I feel like I made a positive difference in the world.

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Sep. 3rd, 2009

Powerboy Sees Good In Everyone, Good


What's that smell?

I've traveled all over the world. And in all my travels, I've had the chance to experience many different cultures. Out of all the beautiful and cool things I've encountered. The delicious and great smelling foods is something I remember most fondly. There is so many different and wonderful smells. Not just foods, but mainly foods. Flowers and other things also smell good. Some don't smell so good, but a little water will do wonders for just about anything.

Anyway, I will provide a list of my favorite smells. Listed as follows:

1) I love the smell of roses. The scent is very intoxicating. Most girls like them as well.
2) Girls smell good. Real good. Of course some use way too much perfume, which isn't good actually.
3) I love the smell of pizza. It's great taste and smell is why pizza is one of my favorite foods. The more cheese and sausage the better.
4) I love the smell of popcorn. Course I've heard that smelling too much popcorn isn't good for you.
5) I love cotton candy. Although it's more the taste than smell that I like. But you can never get too much cotton candy, so it has to be on the list.

I could go on and on. But am getting hungry, so will just order a pizza, eat some tasty popcorn, and watch tv. Then take a nice long bubble bath so I continue to smell good as well.

theatrical_muse: Topic #298
Muse: Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 252

Aug. 6th, 2009




When I think of passing. I think of passing the ball to my dog Kirby. Course he's not too good at passing it back. But nobody's perfect.

I basically like passing my time doing stuff that is fun. Just hanging out and trying to enjoy the little things in life. I've found the best ways to pass the time is to do things that are totally care-free, stress-free, everything free. Free is good. Not as good as Scott Free. But who is? Maybe Barda?

Anyhow, besides passing my time by walking my pug, or jogging in Central Park. I try to exercise at least an hour everyday. Sometimes more, if I really get into it. Being physically active and passing my time in a healthy and productive way, is something I love doing. Exercise always does wonders to help me shake off any negativity or depression. It's far too easy to get down with so much bad stuff happening all the time. But letting your health go, and not staying in shape will only make things worse. So no matter how bad things get, exercise is always of the good.

Despite what way too many people think. One really doesn't have to spend anything to have a good time or stay in good shape. To many people waste their time just sitting around watching the Bachlorette or America's Got Talent on tv. Watching others live life, and have fun. While not taking the time to enjoy the beauty of the world. Going for a walk or jogging. It doesn't take much to get more out of a day. And not taking for granted the great outdoors and the peace and serenity in offers to everyone. Well that's something I try to do. Along with sharing a smile, and whatever little acts of compassion I have to give. Life is too short to do anything else, but enjoy everyday, and try to give a little joy and love back to the world, along the way.

theatrical_muse: Topic #294
Muse: Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 346

Jul. 9th, 2009


You pass a complete stranger on the street and notice they are crying. What do you do?

You pass a complete stranger on the street and notice they are crying. What do you do? I try to do the right thing. I'd ask if anything is wrong. Of course I'd know what was wrong already, cause I'm an Empath so can feel what's wrong without them having to actually tell me. But asking what's wrong is respectful, and would be a way to show I care about their problem. So I would ask.

If they didn't tell me to go away or that they just needed to be alone. Then I'd offer to lend a helping hand. Cause that's what good person does. Granted I'm no Superman, Spiderman, or ten thousand other far more well-known and more experienced heroes. I'm just a nobody teenager. But like they say beggars can't be choosers. So if someone is in need help, I can usually get the job done. Or least give a hug and some muchly needed moral support to cheer up a lonely soul in need of a little kindness.

I'll never get rich or become famous from helping those in need. But I get a deeper satisfaction and a warm feeling in my heart from helping people and trying to make the world a better place. Which is a far more wonderful thing than all fame or fortune in the world. Sadly, way too many people turn a death ear to the suffering of others. When they see someone in need of help. They ignore a soul crying out for compassion and love. It breaks my heart to see so many lost souls crying out with nobody noticing their pain. But I feel the pain.

And whatever the reason for someone crying on the street. Whether their a stranger or not doesn't matter. I'd do the kindhearted thing, and ask if they need my assistance. And whether its something as small as cat stuck in a tree. Or someone with a broken heart from losing a loved one. The most important thing is to show your kindness. A kind word or even something as simple as saying "It's gonna be okay." Even if it's not gonna be okay for a while. Everyone needs to be encouraged. Everyone needs to know that someone cares. Those who are crying need to know that no matter how bad they feel. Or how alone and hopeless they feel. They are cared about. They are not alone.

theatrical_muse: Topic # 290
Muse: Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 415

Jul. 4th, 2009


Happy 4th of July.

Wherever your spending the holiday weekend. Hopefully the cloudy and rainy weather is staying away. For I hope everyone gets to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors, and have a very peaceful and most enjoyable time with friends and loved ones.

I myself am looking forward to the fireworks display tonight. Cause fireworks lighting up the night sky is always an awesome site to see.

Lastly, bellow is a couple of meme's I done to pass the time. Okay, so I done them like two years ago, and am finally getting around to posting them. Like they say better late than never, or something to that effect. Anyway, Happy Independence Day:) And with that I bid all those beautiful souls reading this a wonderful weekend.*HUGS*

You Are An INFP

The Idealist

You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.
Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in your important relationships.
It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.
But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow and develop.

In love, you tend to have high (and often unrealistic) standards.
You are very sensitive. You tend to have intense feelings.

At work, you need to do something that expresses your personal values.
You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.

How you see yourself: Unselfish, empathetic, and spiritual

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Unrealistic, naive, and weak

Your Theme Song is Beautiful Day by U2

"Sky falls, you feel like
It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away"

You see the beauty in life, especially in ordinary everyday moments.
And if you're feeling down, even that seems a little beautiful too.

Jul. 1st, 2009


Hello and Hugs to my Flist

Just posting a quick update to say hello to my awesome friends list.

I really hope the summer is off to a great start for everyone, and continue to wish everyone nothing but the best over the coming days and weeks. Kirby also sends some pug hugs to all the dog lovers out there. Cat lovers not so much.

Anyway, given how many wonderful souls I'm blessed to know. Several of whom haven' t been in the best of moods due to life sucking, which it sometimes has a bad habit of doing. Well I just want to send some Super Mega Hugs and well wishes to all who need some kindness and support.*HUGS*

Jun. 11th, 2009


Topic 286 - Under what circumstances, if any, is it okay to break the law?

Under what circumstances, if any, is it okay to break the law?

I believe in the Golden Rule. It is an idea old as time itself. Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you. It is from this notion of doing only good and doing no harm to others that allows civilization to begin and endure. It's respect and equal treatment of all in a society that requires everyone to respect the rule of law. The law can't apply to just some of the people. Regardless of race, gender, or creed. No matter whether their rich or poor, young or old. The law must be respected and applied equally to everyone.

Every city, state, and country has its own laws. Some places have things that are legal, while others say its illegal. Like it's okay to walk around naked in one place that views the human form as beautiful and good, while the same thing is considered immoral and evil in a less tolerant part of the world. It's confusing to say the least. But there is one thing I am certain of. Whether I understand or approve of a specific law, intentionally breaking the law is wrong. So unless done due to ignorance of the law, by accident or due to mind control, demonic possession, yadda, yadda... I try my best to abide by the rules and laws that govern society. To do otherwise would only lead to a crap load of anarchy and chaos. Or much remorse, pain, and suffering at the least. For it is the rule of law that separates man from beast, just from the unjust.

Yet all societies do have individuals that break the law. Some crazy. Some more foolish than anything else. Not all law breakers are necessarily bad or evil. And not all should be considered criminal. It depends on the law. For small offenses like littering, or feeding animals when the sign clearly says not too. Such petty violations of rules and regulations are not evil or morally wrong. Violating them may show a disrespect for nature and ones environment. But should not be held to the same degree of criticism or scorn as breaking more serious laws, like murder, robbery, or arson. The breaking of the laws out of hate, or with the intent to harm others is evil and should be punished greatly.

Selfish people seem to think it's okay to break laws without little thought or concern for the consequences. If it doesn't hurt anyone. If all the cool kids are doing it. Then some who want to fit in, to be accepted - think its okay to go with flow. Such things as breaking traffic laws like speeding and underage drinking and smoking is done far too often. Wanting to be cool, so giving into peer pressure is not a good reason to break the law. If one does not support a law, then they should petition their government to change the law. Otherwise they should try to be respectful of the laws, and not break them for individual pleasures.

Thankfully, most people do seem to be on the non-breaking side of the law. Whether people follow the law due to fear of harsh punishment from their government if caught; fear of a higher power that threatens eternal damnation for wrong doing in the afterlife; or actual respect for the rule of law. Regardless of reason, it is the vast majority of people respecting the law that maintains order and allows everyone in a free and democratic society to live in peace and harmony.

theatrical_muse: Topic # 286
Muse: Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 611

May. 27th, 2009


Topic 282 - Cremation or burial?

Cremation or burial? Talk about funeral arrangements.

Gosh, I so don't like this topic. It's really depressing. And I don't like being depressed. Anyhow, to answer the grim topic. Only being a teenager, and not having any health problems. Funeral plans is not something I've ever took much time to think about. I don't even have life insurance or a will.

Although having some experience in the hero business. I know only too well how dangerous life can be, especially with the higher than average death rate among teen heroes. So despite it being one of those topics most heroes like to block out or forget about. The risk of dying in the line of duty is one of those 800 pound gorillas that all heroes have to face one day. But thankfully from what I've heard the superhero community does do a pretty good job at making arrangements for fallen heroes. They handle all the funeral arrangements, and even give really cool monuments and statues. They also make sure, that if there is any remains to be buried. The remains are placed in a secret and secure location where it can't be grave-robbed by some evil-doer out to steal ones dna to clone them, or steal body parts to create a Frankenstein like monster, or some other horrible scheme like raising someone as a zombie meant to hurt loved ones.

In all honesty, neither cremation or burial are really very good choices for me. Do think when I go out, there won't be anything left to cremate or bury. And if I was buried, given my luck I would probably end up buried alive. But would prefer that to being cremated alive. Cause do think I've been burned enough. Also, even if I was buried, I'd be able to dig my way out. I'm pretty good at digging. Yet I do think accidental burial is highly unlikely. Being a New God. Like all New Gods, when I die, after a few hours my body would basically fade away to a higher plane of existence. First getting all glow-y, then despersing back into cosmic energy. Returning to the Source from whence all New Gods were created.

So in closing, all things considered... do think I would have to go with something like a memorial service. That's the one where there isn't a body. A nice small memorial service with lots of pictures and flowers would be the funeral arrangements I'd make. Though hopefully my future is brighter than my past, and I won't have any funeral until I'm really old, and have lived a long and happy life.

theatrical_muse: Topic #282
Muse: Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics
Words: 321

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