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Heroic, Powerboy/Supergirl: Heroic

Topic 404 - A good day.

A good day.

Growing up on such an evil and hellish world as Apokolips. It's a given that I didn't have that many good days growing up. Not a single good day would be most accurate. But that all changed one day. A day in my fifteenth year. The first good day I ever had was when my only childhood friend Little Barda and I escaped to Earth. The day I used my Father Box to open a Boom Tube, and send us on a great journey. That was the day my life started anew. A fresh start. The beginning of a wonderful new adventure in an amazingly beautiful world.

During my time on Earth, I have had several good days. One might even say several great days. A day where I saved my first loves life. Boy was that a super day. And after that I had a good day where Supergirl and I saved hundreds of men, women, and children. Speaking as an Empath that can feel what others feel. There is not a better feeling in the world, than feeling all the thanks and appreciation from those given a second chance at life. No better feeling than saving the day. So to me a good day means good triumphing over darkness and hate. A good day, is a day that ends in happiness and love. A day shared with those held most dear. Spending time with awesome friends like Barda, Kara, and Tim.

In terms of good days. I'm not hard to please. I appreciate the simplest of things. And do not take anything for granted. So I love everyday. I love life. I cherish the quiet moments of time spent enjoying the beauty that life has to offer. Smelling the roses. Feeling the wind in my face. Flying high in the sky. Watching the clouds pass me by. And the way I like to end any good day worth anything has to be watching a beautiful sunset. Yeah, I gotta have a beautiful sunset. And even more special than that, someone special to share a beautiful sunset.

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Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
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Where do you view your sunsets? It seems like Gotham is always surrounded by darkness that we don't get a sunrise or sunset. It just happens in a blink of an eye and I always miss it.
Gotham is a pretty gloomy city. And certainly is not a place to check out a sunrise or sunset.

The first time I ever watched a sunset was at the Golden Gate Bridge. It was truly such an incredible view that left me speechless.

But being able to fly, I've also seen the sun from Earth's orbit. So I've been blessed to see the beauty of the sun in more spectacular ways than most. Yet in terms of a good not out of this world place to view sunsets on the ground. I've found many a beautiful sunset in California. So go to any beach in the Golden State, and it will be hard to miss a good sunset or sunrise.
That sounds pretty amazing, Adam. I hope one day I'll be able to see something like that and enjoy it.