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Topic 411 - Fear


I grew up on a hell world known as Apokolips. My memories of Apokolips are not good ones. It was such a very scary and horrifying place. No place for anyone. Let along children. A place only made worse by its evil overlord Darkseid. Most who have met Darkseid, the long time ruler of Apololips. Most would say he is the physical embodiment of hate. And would say that he is the embodiment of fear itself.

When Little Barda and I escaped to Earth as teenagers. The old fears of our home world was left behind. The hope was that all our past fears and worries would be a thing of the past. And for the most part they were. Yet I soon realized that even after escaping from such a cruel and hateful world as Apokolips. Even on Earth, there is still fear. There is still evil. And there is still many things to worry about. I found new friends to worry about. And found much stress and heartache to have.

So I know fear. And being an Empath, I have not only my on fears to feel, but those of an entire world. So I know fear better than most. And I don't like it. But just as I reject hated and intolerance. I reject letting fear hold me down. I do not let all the negative vibes get me down. I seek out positive emotions. Seek out joy and happiness. Those are the feelings that I appreciate and cherish.

I have learned that there will always be fears and crap to worry about. That is part of life. No matter how much I would want it to be otherwise. Life will never be easy. If it was, then it would be pretty boring. But I will never let my fears destroy my hope for a better future. I will overcome all my fears. I will overcome all the challenges and problems that come my way. And will hopefully grow and continue to become a more understanding and better person.

theatrical_muse: Topic # 411
Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
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