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Topic 433, 441, and 444

TOPIC #444 - Pick one of these four: Close; Bow; Row; 208.


Growing up an abandoned orphan on Apokolips. Unwanted and unloved. I knew nothing of what it meant to be close to another living soul. The fiirst years of my life, I never knew friendship or love. I knew no compassion or kindness. I felt totally alone in world. That never changed for far too many years. Not until I met a girl. A tough girl with a good heart named Barda. Little not big. Barda took me under her wing. She helped me survive the harsh streets of Armegetto. She truly saved my life. And for that I shall always consider her not only one of my best friends ever. But also someone who will remain close to my heart forever. Yet after several years of being there for one another. After overcoming so much hardship and oppression at the hands of the demonic Darkseid. After successfuly escaping to Earth. And after having made a good transition to being a teen hero on Earth. Out of the blue, she suffered near fatal injuries that left her comatose.

With Barda in a coma, I lost the one person in all the world that was closest to me. The one person that understood me better than any other. The one person that gave me unconditional love and support. Not having her to talk too. Not having her to provide a kind word, and a supportive hug. It makes it hard for me to stay positive. Hard to be my unsual optomisitc lover of life. But despite how bad things are. I believe in that old saying. Where there is life there is hope. So I have hope that everything will work out. Hope that she will make a full recovery. Hope that we will get to enjoy life someday.

Words: 285

TOPIC #441 - Do/Did you want to get married?

Seeing that I'm just a teenager. Do think that I'm a bit too young to get married. Plus I'm also a Superhero. Being in the hero business is dangerous. And even more dangerous for loved ones. So allowing oneself to actually marry, while still being in the crime fighting biz. I think that would be wreckless. The time required to be a hero likewise makes it difficult to have any meaningful relationship. Yet, if two people love each other, then no obstacles or road blocks will stop love.

So yes, someday, if I find the right girl, I would very much like to get married. I would do everything in my power to find a way to make it work. Make it work with that one special person who loved me unconditionally. A special soul who would love me as much as I love her. And no matter if the times was good or bad. I would try to make my true love happy. Let her know that she was appreciated and accepted. Show her nothing but love she deserves. For love must be at the heart of any relationship. Be it a friendship or a marriage. Love is the most important key to having a happy relationship.

So yeah, someday I will hopefully find the love I'm searching for.

Words: 228

TOPIC #433 - How good is your memory?

My memory is not good at all. I have no memory of my earliest years. I was just one of thousands of nameless orphans growing up in the slums of Amegetto on the hellish Apokolips. Darkseid was an abusive monster. He created a world of hate, misery, and loneliness. All he gave was bad memories. Nightmares that I'd rather not remember.

Due to my childhood memories not being good ones. I try not to think about all those bad memories. Such memories are too painful... too tramatic to bare.

Thankfully I have some good memories. Memories of escaping from the hellish Apokolips with my closest and dearest friend Little Barda. Good memories of coming to Earth. Finding a new home. Starting a new life with the Teen Titans. Good memories of saving lives. Good memories of making a difference in the world.

All the other bad memories. All the abuse... all the hurt... all the pain. Well such bad memories really do not matter that much. As long as I have good memories of wonderful friends, like Barda, Tim, and Kara. Memories of those who are true heroes that never give up... no matter the tough times they endure. Memories of better days. Memories of happy times to inspire me... to motivate me to be better... to do better. I think I'll be able to survive any challenges that come my way.

Words: 230

Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics