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Topic 446, 455, and 456

Topic #446 - What sort of person are you?

I'm a teenage boy from a hellworld called Apokolips. I grew up in the slums of Amagetto. I have no memory of my parents or no memory of what my name is other than Powerboy. I had a really bad childhood, and was mainly a loner and outsider.

After over-coming years of abuse. Along with my closest friend Little Barda, as a teenager, I escaped to Earth. Due to being a caring, kind, and compassionate person, I could not turn my back on the problems of the world. So tried to use my superpowers to save lives and make the world a better place. So I became a Teen Titan for a short time. Being an Empath causes me to be overly sensitive and very empathetic. I love both cats and dogs. But only have a pet dog, cause my pug Kirby isn't as friendly towards cats as me.

I try to only use my superpowers and advance alien technology to help others, and not for my own personal gain. My Father Box could make me wealthy for example. But I don't care about money. I don't care about fame or fortune. My concerns are more basic. Concerns for friends and helping others that need someone to care.

Even though I was never a boy scout, seeing there wasn't any on the hellish world I grew up on. I'm a very moral and ethical boy. I'm courteous and respectful to everyone. I don't curse, or use bad language. And I don't drink or have any vices. I'm into being the best I can be physically and mentally. So I try to eat healthy, and try to learn new things every day. Because my main desire to do whats right and help others when possible.

Despite it being hard not to get depressed or down during bad times. I try to be a positive person. Believe in the power of positive thinking. I try to avoid everything that is negative. To that end, I love nature, and enjoy being outside enjoying the beauty the world has to offer.

I'm also a hopeless romantic and a gentleman. I could go on, but am trying not to be too longwinded. So will just wrap it up by sending positive vibes and hugs to all who need them.

Words: 392

Topic #455 - What is the spark of your desire?

The spark of my desire is love. It is a love of life. An love of all that is good and just in the world. It is to save lives. With a strong desire to make a difference in the world as a hero. There is no stronger desire I have than to help those than need me. My empathy, which lets me feel the emotions and suffering of so many. It makes it impossible for me to turn a deaf ear to the plight of others. Growing up, witnessing so much misery and heartache. I am driven to fight against injustice and hate. I have a strong desire to try to make things better. Even if I can only help one person at a time. Every little bit helps make a difference. Touch one soul. And then they can touch another. Making the world a better place to live.

So outwardly, the spark of my desire is my compassion and love of others. Besides caring about others. I have had one special love that helped to make me a better person. My love of one special girl, is what sparks my desire. A special girl named Kara that inspires me to be better, and always try to do the right thing. No matter how hard. No matter how painful. Kara who is such a loving and caring hero, gives me the desire to never give up on helping people. And to never give up on the power of love to change the world.

Words: 260

Topic #456 - As a child, were you popular?

I was most certainly not popular as a child. I was just a nameless orphaned boy trying to survive the best I could on a hellish world ruled by a monsterous dictator named Darkseid. My childhood was full of nothing but abuse, neglect, and great pain. I was extremely shy, unable to speak around others. I was picked on by the bigger kids. After suffering years of abuse and bullying. I finally found a friend in an older girl named Little Barda. She became my gardian angel. She was such a strong and tough girl. She stood up to the bullies, and didn't take crap from anyone. If not for her, I would never have survived Apokolips.

So no I was not a popular kid. I never got to experience a normal childhood. Never got to grow up with family or all kinds of friends. But I am grateful to have had just one awesome friend in Barda. She was all the friends or family I needed. She will forever be like a sister to me. And despite not having a happy childhood. Her friendship and love means more to me than any popularity as a child or adult ever could.

Words: 210

Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics