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Topic 460, 464, and 467

TOPIC #460 - Why do you persist?

I persist because of love. Love is truly the most powerful force in the universe. And it is through the power of love that all things are possible. No matter how hopeless things may seem. So long as love persists. Hope likewise persists.

I have always been a hopeful person. Despite not having the best of upbringings. And really not having the best of luck when it comes to most things. I have had more than my share of disappointments. More than my share of heartache. Yet I am eternally hopeful. I am eternally hopeful that things can only get better from here on out.

I really can't explain it much simpler than to say that love of friends and love of life is what gives meaning and true value to everything. So no matter what, I will always try to live life to the fullest. And to love and never stop loving.

Words: 156

TOPIC #464 - Do you believe in soul-mates?

Yes, I believe in soul-mates. It is such a wonderful thing when two soul-mates find each other. Through all of time and space. No matter the obstacles. No matter the challenges. When soul-mates come together. There really is nothing that can ever separate them again. The love soul-mates have for one another is stronger than any hate. Stronger than any evil. More powerful than even death itself. And the most super thing about soul-mates is the fact they do not need to have any superpowers. There is no need for magic. No need for anything supernatural at all. The powerful and unbreakable love that ties soul-mates together is beyond all imagination.

Soul-mates are such an amazing and beautiful thing. And knowing that there are countless soul-mates that have found each other. That have found love and happiness. Such knowledge gives me hope, that someday I'll be fortunately enough to likewise find such love and joy myself.

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TOPIC #467 - If you lost all your memories, how much of your life could you reconstruct?

This question hits close to home. Because I have lost allot of my early childhood memories. But given that those memories took place on Apokolips. A hellish place that I'd rather not remember at all. Memory loss of years of abuse, pain, and suffering is not necessarily a bad thing.

Yet, I do want to remember it all. Much as it hurts. It is those bad memories that I survived which let me know that I'm strong enough to endure anything. And that no matter how bad things may be. Never losing hope for a better tomorrow will give the strength to overcome any badness.

Even though I lost some memories. I never lost what was most important. I never lost the power to love. Never lost the ability to care and love. And for that I am most grateful. Bad memories, or good memories. What is most important is the caring one shows. The kindness ones gives. The love one shares.

Words: 176

Muse: Powerboy aka Power Boy
Fandom: DC Comics