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This is the third and newest version of a teen superhero named Power Boy to be misused and abused in DC Comics. Unlike the two previous Power Boy's, the newest 15 year old orphan is based on the beautiful, brave, intelligent, kind, loyal, moral, powerful, strong, one-of-a-kind, G-cup super-hero known as Power Girl.

Power Boy aka Powerboy is first hinted at in Teen Titans vol. 3 #34 (mentions 20 new teen heroes joining the Teen Titans to make the world a better place during the one year gap after Infinite Crisis). Yet not confirmed to be a Teen Titan until his first on-panel appearance in 52 Week 21. Powerboy & Little Barda show up on a list of all the new Teen Titans in Raven's Scrapbook of photos the same month in Teen Titans vol. 3 #38, September 2006. Power Boy III or Powerboy was created by the awesome Geoff Johns (writer), & Tony Daniel (artist). Current look owes credit to Ian Churchill who drew him more like a 15 year old & gave a cooler version of a Power Girl like costume with chest window/medallion. Powerboy & Little Barda are the first and only New Gods to ever be Teen Titans.

In Supergirl Vol 5 #15, it's confirmed that Powerboy is a New God from Apokolips, given his name, costume, and genetically enhanced with various super-powers by Darkseid. He was given many of the same powers as Power Girl, along with a permanent blond streak in his dark hair. And made an Empath like the Psycho-Pirate or Raven, as he can "feel everyone's hate, love, pain, fear..." and this ability fuels his Lantern like energy manipulation powers.

Whereas Power Girl and Supergirl have cats, he has a cute little pug dog named Kirby.

On Panel Deaths, Resurrections, & Age at Death: Age 15. While trying to protect Supergirl, he was killed by Gakidou at the Hollywood Sign. Restored to life moments later by his Father Box. Supergirl vol 5 #13; Age 15. Killed by Sons of Trigon or Infinity-Man on Titans Liberty Island, New Jersey. Teen Titans East Special #1/Titans #1 (June 2008); Reborn with all other New Gods in the Earth-51 Universe. Final Crisis #7 (March 2009).

Accomplishments: Powerboy survived a childhood of abuse, neglect, & torture. Powerboy helped Little Barda escape from Apokolips. Powerboy & Little Barda are the first male & female teen New Gods to be Superheroes on Earth-0 (52 Week 21). Powerboy & Little Barda are the first and only New Gods to be members of the Teen Titans, Teen Titans East, & Tiny Titans (52 Week 21 & Tiny Titans Vol 1 #6); He & Klarion the Witch Boy are the only two teen heroes to ever possess a Father Box; Powerboy saved the life of Supergirl Kara Zor-El of Earth-0. (Saved Kara's life twice on panel in Supergirl vol 5 #11. Saved her from being killed by a meta-human Shark lady, & again by getting her to STAR Labs in New York. He saved her 3 more times in 3 weeks, as mentioned in Supergirl vol 5 #14); Saved the life of Outsider Grace Choi of New Earth (Supergirl vol 5 #11); Saved the lives of hundreds of men, women, and children during a Hurricane in Mexico (Supergirl vol 5 #13); Gave stray cat later named Streaky to Supergirl. (Supergirl vol 5 #13; Note before then Streaky was a nameless stray, too wild to be tamed. Powerboy's empathy calmed the fear of humans in Streak allowing the cat to become domesticated); He and Kara saved the world from a meteor (Supergirl vol 5 #13); Defeated Supergirl in a race from space to the Hollywood Sign (Supergirl vol 5 #13); Became the first teenage boyfriend of Supergirl Kara Zor-El of Earth-0 (Supergirl vol 5 #13); Saved the lives of Cass Cain & Owen Mercer aka Captain Boomerang II by getting them to the hospital before bleeding to death. (Off panel between Supergirl vol 5 #14 & #15); Spent months successfully protecting Supergirl from all the murder attempts by Cass Cain, the League of Assassins, & Dark Angel (Supergirl vol 5 #11, #13, #14).


Hero Code Name: Powerboy
Identity: Secret
Real Name: (Unknown)
Fanon Real Name: Adam Dark (Named after the first man Adam. Dark after his monstrous creator of sorts Darkseid. Also due to his dark past of abuse and pain on Apokolips. And subconsciously took the name Dark as a reminder that he never wants to be like the evil agent of a Monitor - Dark Angel that cared about nothing but destroying all of Supergirl's relationships and life. So manipulated events and mind controlled him to hurt the love of his life Kara via his Father Box, leaving him beaten, burned, broken, homeless, and destroying his life.)
Alias: John Doe (would have to be canon name on death certificate, since he didn't have a known real name.)
Fanon Alias: John Doe, Kennedy Adam Starr, Johnee Steele, Mark Calender
Fanon B-day: July 7th
Father: Unknown. Could be Darkseid, Adonis, Jimmy Olsen, Mister Miracle, Raker Qarrigat, The Phantom Stranger, Superman, Superboy, or Adam the Green Lantern of Space Sector 1055.
Mother: Unknown Female Fury; Could be Big Barda, Lashina, Kraken, or Knockout. While on Earth, one of Darkseid's agents seduced an Earth hero. Upon returning to Apokolips, discovering she was pregnant, abandoned the baby with a Lowly family in the slums of Armagetto. She planned on returning for her child, but having betrayed Darkseid, was unable to ever do so. Darkseid later found the child in the slums and made him Powerboy.
Likely Sister: Little Barda; Being related would explain why they escaped Apokolips together. Joined & left the Teen Titans together. Joined Teen Titans East together. And why they acted like brother & sister around each other.
Nicknames: Powerboy, Power Boy, Powerlad, Pretty Boy, PB, Boy of Power, Champ, Hero of Tomorrow, Hugging Hero, Apokoliptian Adonis, Dial P For Power, Muscleboy, Power Hunk, Powerhouse, Prince of Power, Pure Heart, Lone Warrior, Rising Star, Starpower, Strongboy, Teen of Power, Teen Stranger, Mystery Boy, Unknown Hero, World's Strongest Boy
Age: Teenager (15 year old child abuse/murder victim.)
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 220 lbs
Eyes: Blue (Red when loses control of emotions. Pink when feeling loved.)
Hair: Black with blond streaks (Note: As seen in Supergirl Identity Paperback & Titans East Special #1, has the strange power of Unconscious Hair Color Manipulation. Other than a permanent blond streak, hair appears to change colors from one panel to another, depending on his emotional mood. It always returns to a natural black color with a Power Girl like blond streak. Oddly when under great stress shows a white streak like the Phantom Stranger, & red patch of hair like the Psycho Pirate.)
Blood Type: AB+ (Universal blood recipient type; Gains powers via blood transfusion)

Species: New God from Apokolips
Place of Birth/Homeworld: Apokolips
First appearance: 52 Week 21
Last appearance: Titans #1. Shown to be a teen murder victim on Earth-0. Yet Final Crisis #7, revealed all New Gods to be reborn in the Earth-51 Universe. A child version also appears in the Johnny DC series Tiny Titans.
Affiliations: Darkseid, New Gods, Little Barda, Teen Titans, Supergirl, Teen Titans East, Tiny Titans
Languages: Apokoliptian, English, & Spanish (as seen in Supergirl vol 5 #13). Note his Father Box provides a Universal Translator enabling him to speak & understand any language in the Multiverse.

Relationships: Unknown Father, Unknown Mother, Little Barda (Half-Sister/Best Friend, Apokolips), Supergirl (1st & only girlfriend; Kara Zor-El of Earth-0), Holly Granger (3rd Hawk; Sin demon induced one night-stand; Teen Titans East team mate), Cassie Sandsmark (2nd Wonder Girl; Close friend, Earth-0), Jubilee (Fanon Best Friend; DC/Marvel Crossover), Tim Wayne (Red Robin; Best Friend Forever)
Pet: Pug dog named Kirby. Name is homage to Jack Kirby, creator of the New Gods.
Equipment/Device: Father Box

Powers/Abilities: Full list of powers never revealed, but New God Physiology & Superpower Absorption via blood transfusion gives him Power Girl level Super-strength, super-speed, super-breath, invulnerability; Flight & Levitation via unconscious gravity wave manipulation; Empathy - the ability to read & sense the emotions of others; Danger Sense; Accelerated Healing; Immortality; Sonic Boom Clap; Energy manipulation powers to make solid energy constructs, force fields, and a giant energy hand. As seen in Supergirl vol 5 #11 & #13, a red beam of energy comes from his hands & he can turn into a red light beam, enabling him to travel at light speed. In red light energy form he beat Supergirl who's physical form prevented her from flying at full super-speed in Earth's atmosphere, in a race from outer-space to the Hollywood Sign.

Apokoliptian device called Father Box has a psychic link to him and provides teleportation over great distances. Father Box communicates with him telepathically to follow his instructions or control his mind when he's unable to do so due to being badly hurt or injured in a given situation. Father Box can manipulate energy, matter, and time for varying effects, such as creating flowers, candy, photos of Supergirl from his memory (as seen in Supergirl vol 5 #14 & #15). Father Box takes control of Powerboy's mind and body to sustain him past fatal wounds and heal him (Supergirl #13, #15, and Titans #1). Yet leaving him prone to mind-control if anyone hijacks control of Father Box. As was the case when the evil agent of a Monitor - Dark Angel in Supergirl #15, used Father Box to manipulate and control his emotional state and thinking patterns to become violent, and hurt Supergirl against his will. Under Dark Angel's control Father Box was also shown creating a Time/Space explosion that sent Supergirl to an alternate Red Sun reality with a world of people possessed by Phantom Zone Phantoms for further attempts at eliminating her from New Earth continuity.

Weaknesses: Youth; Attractiveness; Orphan; Lack of friends & family; Prejudice towards New Gods; Empathic overload; Demonic Possession/Mind Control; Radion.

Quick Character History

In the Fourth World separated from the rest of the Multiverse. On the hellish world of Apokolips, an infant child was abandoned in the slums of Armegetto. Darkseid discovered the boy was a universal blood recipient (AB+ blood type) that could be merged with the DNA of others without killing him. The child who would be Powerboy was taken from his Lowly family in the slums to be used by Darkseid. Against his will, he was genetically enhanced with DNA from various super beings from the Multiverse, including that of Power Girl. Given his powers, Power Girl blond streak in hair, Power Girl like costume, and named "Powerboy" by Darkseid.

After feeling nothing but misery and despair all of his childhood. All that changed one day in 2004 when the 13 year old abused boy felt the beautiful soul of Supergirl Kara Zor-El of New Earth. Supergirl had been kidnapped and brainwashed by the evil Darkseid. He fell in love with the Girl of Steel. Believing his destiny was with Supergirl, the Superboy of Apokolips abandoned Darkseid's evil plans. In early 2006, with his only friend Little Barda, the orphaned boy ran away from the demonic despot using his Father Box to escape from Apokolips to Earth-0. Being inspired by Supergirl, he became a hero with the Teen Titans during the year Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman was missing. Later he searched the Earth to find and help protect his one true love Supergirl.

Being from Apokolips the naive boy had no knowledge of how to be a normal teenager. He knew nothing about human relationships. He had no known secret identity, and had no personal life, with no family or friends other than Little Barda who was like a big sister. Not knowing how to be human, he always wore his costume and hung out with his best pug dog friend Kirby.

An Empath with emotion absorption powers, such as the ability to feel and channel the emotions of others, create solid energy constructs, & force fields. Given the empathic nature of his powers, like the Psycho Pirate when channeling too much rage or hate, his emotional powers can cause him to lose control or become violent with red eyes. While feeling too much love turns his eyes pink, and being over excited by the happiness of others can cause him to uncontrollably burst into song.

In 2006, he was a member of the Teen Titans during the one year gap after the Infinite Crisis. He made his first appearance in 52: Week 21. It shows his final mission with the Teen Titans. PB is shown using his Father Box to teleport him and Little Barda away to parts unknown at the end of Eliza Harmon's Funeral. His reference to Darkseid ("By Darkseid's testicles!") & use of a Father Box, made it clear that he was part of the New God mythology created by Jack Kirby for his "Fourth World" universe.

After he and Little Barda became disheartened and quit the Teen Titans. Months later at the end of 2006, he reappears at the last second to save Supergirl and Outsider member Grace Choi on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.(Supergirl vol 5 #11) He takes Grace & Kara to STAR Labs in New York. Supergirl receives yellow sun treatment to save her life, and let her recover at an accelerated rate.

To remind Kara what it is to be a hero, Powerboy takes her to Mexico, where they save hundreds of men, women, & children's lives during a Hurricane.(Supergirl vol 5 #13) After saving the world from a meteor, he beats Kara in a race to the Hollywood Sign. On his first date with Supergirl, when Kara is distracted fighting Sakki The Hate Furnace. He tries to help protect her, but is killed by Sakki's partner, Japanese villain Gakidou, who ghosted her wooden staff through his head. He was left hanging in mock crucifixion pose between the L's of the Hollywood Sign. Yet, moments later is shown alive again due to his Father Box taking over his body & restoring him to life.

He became Supergirl's first boyfriend from February/May 2007. After several months of being a kind and supportive boyfriend. Hugging and hanging out with her cat Streaky while she's off being a hero. Fighting by Kara's side, spending months protecting her every day from the League of Assassins and all of Dark Angel's attempts to kill Supergirl (Supergirl #11, #13, #14). Dark Angel had the intent to destroy all of Kara's relationships, and make her want to give up on life and just fade away. As part of her twisted tests to accomplish this, after Supergirl thanks Powerboy for everything he's done for her over the previous months, Dark Angel manipulated Powerboy's Father Box (Supergirl #15), causing both Powerboy and Supergirl to lose control of their emotions, resulting in a very violent fight and breakup. Dark Angel then used Father Box to make a temporal spatial eruption that sent Kara to an alternate reality with a red sun for further tests, which she survived, but left her relationship with Powerboy destroyed. It was left unexplained what effect the temporal spatial explosion had on him or how he survived it.

It was thus Father Box being controlled by Dark Angel that was making pink electricity, that created the strength blocker device, and that teleported Powerboy to space, right where Dark Angel wanted Kara to be, so she could send her to an alternate reality for another test. Father Box going wonky resulted in both Powerboy and Supergirl losing control of their emotions, and having a super fight and break up. And despite having a spotless record as a kind and loving Superhero that had been a loyal Teen Titan, best friend to Little Barda, life saver to Supergirl, Grace, children in Mexico, and hundreds of others over his many months on Earth. Nobody really knew who he was save for Little Barda. Not even given the respect of having a real human name, no family, and no friends to support the lost orphan boy. And some hating him based on false assumptions made based on his looks, and where he was from, without giving him a chance. Most ignored all the good things he done, or all the love he had shown to animals, children, people he saved, and Supergirl who would be dead if not for him. Instead focusing on the one out of character thing done when he wasn't in his right mind. Due to Dark Angel's obsession with trying to destroy Supergirl's life and all of her relationships. And due to other heroes totally misunderstanding the underage boy and never giving him or Little Barda the support they needed to adjust to life on Earth. The loving and self-sacrificing Powerboy's reputation as a hero and his very life was utterly destroyed.

He re-appeared months later as a new Teen Titans East member. As part of a young Superhero team assembled by Cyborg in Teen Titans East Special #1 (January 2008). He had no pug dog named Kirby. He was called Power Boy instead of Powerboy. Being possessed by a sin demon gave him a more mature personality from his past appearances. His costume was a different color, and he wore a different type of medallion. So despite being one of the most powerful teens in the DC Universe, due to plot induced stupidity, he was easily killed by a mysterious villain. He was badly burned by an energy beam and left impaled through the chest by a large tree branch. Unless there is an alternate Earth version of the alien boy in the Multiverse; a duplicate created from the time space eruption in Supergirl #15; having regeneration powers or his Father Box restore him to life like in Supergirl #13; being reborn along with all other New Gods in the Earth 51 Universe; or rebooted as a result of the Flashpoint event into the DCnU. He is assumed dead for now. His killer was likely the New God Killer Infinity-Man. While the attempted child killer of the others is believed to be the Sons of Trigon. Whom wanted to please Raven's evil demonic father Trigon, by trying to eliminate all former and current Titans.

Despite being treated so badly and suffering years of abuse, cruelty, and pain at the hands of Darkseid. His empathetic nature caused him to never give up on being a hero or trying to help people. In the end Powerboy and his only friend Little Barda died heroes, paying the ultimate sacrifice for an adoptive world and its people whom they loved and wanted to help protect and save.

More Detailed History

Teen Titans

After Superboy's tragic death during the Infinite Crisis, the Teen Titans looked to bolster their ranks, so asked the superpowered duo of Power Boy and Little Barda (who is his best friend and escaped with him from Apokolips) to join the team. Both agree to join Beast Boy & Raven's rag-tag team of Titans, hoping it would be good training & exposure. However, in his final mission, when the Teen Titans met Lex Luthor's new Infinity Inc. superhero team, their "team-up" resulted in the tragic death of Infinity team member, Eliza Harmon. At Eliza's funeral, Hotspot, Little Barda & Powerboy all quit the Teen Titans. Before PB used his Father Box to teleport away with Little Barda. He said that the Titans wasn't what they used to be, no longer being a supportive group for teen heroes needing family and friends. Unknown to the heroes, Eliza's death was actually caused by Luthor himself.(52 Week 21)

Powerboy Saves Supergirl

In December 2006, at the end of Supergirl vol 5 #11, after months of searching Powerboy found Supergirl, whom had inspired him to become a Superhero in the first place. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, during an undercover mission for the Outsiders. A red beam of light is shown hitting the side of the ship, then moments later he showed up at the last minute and at superspeed took down the evil Meta-human pirates and saved the lives of Grace Choi and Supergirl. His first words to the critically wounded Supergirl was, "Mark your calendar, Miss... Today's the day your life changed forever. I'm Powerboy. I'm here to help." Off panel he takes Outsider member Grace and Kara to STAR Labs for their recovery. Had he not arrived when he had, both would have been brutally murdered. And had he not got Kara to STAR Labs in time, she would have bleed to death from her fatal wounds. Kara receives extensive sun therapy treatment to recover and heal at an accelerated rate.

On Patrol with Supergirl

In Supergirl vol 5 #13 he visits Kara at STAR Labs in New York. After Lois Lane visits Kara, Powerboy shows up, introducing himself as the boy that saved her, and asks her to go on a routine patrol. When asked what his name is by Supergirl, he replied "Call me Powerboy. No relation." Implying that he isn't related to the original 1950's or 30th Century versions of Power Boy. But clearly had some relation to Power Girl, due to his codename, Kryptonian level physical powers, blond streak in hair, and wearing a male version of Powergirl's costume with similar chest window and gold medallion/red belt with gold belt buckle, only his form fitting costume being black, instead of white.

Saves Lives in Mexico

While on patrol, to remind the self-doubting girl what it feels like to be a hero and make a difference in the world, the empathic teen hero takes Supergirl to Mexico, where they save hundreds of men, women, and children's lives during a Hurricane. He shows that not only can he speak Apokoliptian, and English, but also Spanish while conversing in the language of those he saved. The poor locals are very happy and grateful for being saved by Powerboy and Kara. Yet, despite doing a good deed, they are threatened by Mexican soldiers who say Meta-humans have no right to interfere in the internal affairs of Mexico. He jokingly asks if he needed a note from the Justice League. When told to leave Mexico's airspace in three seconds or be considered terrorists, he apologizes for saving hundreds of lives, and offers to put the Hurricane back. He sucks a great deal of air into his mouth, revealing he has super-breath power & causes the cranky military official to quickly change his mind. Kara just watched and found the situation entertaining.

Not So Super First Date

In Supergirl #13, Feb. 2007, on their first date, after smashing a meteor into a million tiny pieces to save the world. They fly around in the outer orbit of Earth watching the now harmless, but very romantic meteor shower, and talk. He offers to share his origin story. Showing that her mind was being manipulated by the evil Dark Angel, despite not even knowing his real name, she seemed not to care, and says she'd rather know about more important stuff like his favorite movie, or political views. She then mentions beating Superman in a race to see who was fastest, and challenges him to a race, flying off without saying where she was going. Still in the outer orbit of Earth, which has no oxygen, he is shown with the ability to talk and exist in space unaided by any space suit. A red beam of light comes out of Powerboy's hands heading in the direction of Supergirl. He clearly changed into light to travel at light speed. Then is shown on the ground, having beat Kara to the Hollywood Sign, in Hollywood, California. He jokingly teases her, by saying the only way she could beat Superman is if he had bird flu. She's distracted with a Darkseid caused flashback of a psychotic kill Superman memory, but says he can call her Kara.

Not So Easily Killed

Before the Super Teens could do anything romantic. They are attacked from behind by Japanese super-villains Gakidou and Sakki The Hate Furnace; whom had been hired by the League of Assassins to kill Supergirl for the evil Dark Angel; a rogue agent of a Monitor that wanted to eliminate all anomalies from the new DC Universe.

A powerful energy blast knocked Powerboy & Kara 50 feet to the ground. Powerboy was given the choice to walk away unharmed. But loving Kara chose to stay and try to help. While fighting super-villainess Gakidou, using her ghosting powers, jammed her wooden staff through the back of his head, coming out through the front of his mouth. On the surface killing him. She left him hanging in mock crucifixion pose on the bottom front section of the L's on the Hollywood Sign. Gakidou says he should have never got involved, & while flying away mentions that the 'S' on Superman & Supergirl's chest stands for suffering. After Supergirl had defeated the two lethal members of the League of Assassins. Thinking him dead, Kara rushed back to check on her new friend, shouting the name "Powerboy", and found him in the shadows with red eyes and a triangle shape of three white lights coming from his chest. Father Box had secretly restored him to life. She asks if he's alright. In a goodhearted way the empathic boy said he needed to calm himself down, but save for it hurting like a mother, was okay. Being kindhearted and caring asked if she was okay. Also humbled and humiliated, PB asks if having his butt kicked had messed up his chances at a second date with her. Supergirl responded by giving him a big hug.

Supergirl's 1st Boyfriend

He drops by Supergirl's Apartment in New York, and gives her a stray cat he found or rescued named Streaky.

Despite having his butt whupped and being momentarily killed on their first date. Supergirl thinks that Powerboy is nice, confident, and not a jerk. Her best friend Cassie Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl likes him so much, she telepathically tells Kara that she should marry him. And her new cat Streaky loves Powerboy and can't stop hugging him, so Kara starts to date the Boy of Power.

In Supergirl vol 5 #14, April 2007, Powerboy & Supergirl are having a great time as a couple, never having one argument in all the time since he'd saved her life months earlier. In Central Park, when fighting the DNAngels & Gearhead, he mentions having saved her life 3 times in the past 3 weeks. Working as a super duo easily dispatch the latest batch of assassins sent to kill Kara. She gives Powerboy his first kiss. Then back at her place, all the villains trying to kill the love of his life caused him to momentarily lose control of his powers. His eyes turned red, and he grabbed her hand in an attempt to stop her from going off and risking being killed again. He quickly regained his emotional composer, apologizes, kisses her hand, and hugs her gently. He offers to go and help protect her, but Supergirl says he should stay home, cause she'll be okay due to her invulnerability.

While Kara leaves to walk into a super trap, Powerboy stays at her place with her cat Streaky, & cleans up cat poo for her. Hours later, after Supergirl's near fatal fight to the death with Cassandra Cain, aka Batgirl. A weakened Kara calls Powerboy via his Father Box to ask for his help in taking Boomer to the Hospital. Off panel he takes the critically wounded Boomer to the hospital. Saving him from bleeding to death. And in the weeks to come is supportive of Kara as she stands vigil over her friend.

Dark Angel Destroys Powerboy's Life

In Supergirl vol. 5 #15, after having been boyfriend and girlfriend for several months, in May 2007, totally out of character from all the previous months of being nice, supportive, and protective of Kara. Moments after Kara thanks him for always being there for her and him saying it was his mission in life to help her. Electricity sparks from his body and they go from being sad and worrying about her friend, to passionately kissing and out of character starting to make out in mid air, in front of the window to Boomer's Hospital room. It was speculated that being an Empath he had unknowingly absorbed a great deal of her hate and rage at the same time. (In reality all the electrical sparks are coming from Father Box, which the evil agent of a Monitor, Dark Angel hijacked and uses the psychic link Powerboy has to Father Box to take control of his mind, and bring out his dark side.) He then becomes uncharacteristically overly possessive, and jealous of Kara's feelings for Captain Boomerang. Despite having saved Boomer and wanting her to see her friend. After kissing and making out in mid-air, in front of Bellevue Hospital, New York. When Kara hears Boomer call her name, she stops the make out session and tells the confused boy to go back to her place with Streaky, while she sees her other love interest. Powerboy being an Empath which Kara doesn't know at that point, picks up all kinds of powerful dark negative emotions, including vibes coming from Kara's thoughts about her father Zor-El wanting her to kill her cousin Superman. All types of emotions, anger, hate, rage, begin to overtake him. All of a sudden his eyes turn red, with red energy coming from his entire body, and an energy blast knocks Supergirl through the wall of Boomer's hospital room. He then easily knocks her unconscious and takes Kara back to his place, which is an abandoned airplane hanger turned into a home.

Origin Story

At his home, surrounded by a pink heart shaped bed, chocolates, strawberries, roses, wine on ice, and his little pug dog Kirby looking on at Supergirl. A mind controlled Powerboy gives a very watered down version of his origin story of being a power enhanced, empathic teen alien from Apokolips, that had fallen completely in love with the Girl of Steel. So made his escape from Darkseid and his stupid plans for him. Coming to Earth, becoming a hero, and watching over the girl he loves. To help protect Kara, and try to save her from becoming a monster. Everything about his abusive childhood, his real name, who his parents are, his close friendship with Little Barda, his being a Teen Titan, or all the lives he saved isn't mentioned, due to the fact that could lead to sympathy.

Dark Angel Causes Super Breakup

Due to all the pictures of her on his wall (not knowing they was made by his Father Box, from all the months of happy moments they had spent together). And not knowing that he was being manipulated by the evil Dark Angel, via his Father Box. Kara who is kryptonite poisoned and being manipulated by Dark Angel too, thinks he's psycho. She calls him Power Boy, instead of Powerboy. And thanks to Dark Angel manipulating her emotions, she forgets about all the times he had saved her life, or risked his life trying to protect her over the past months. Instead becoming upset and angry at so many other people, including herself. And despite having trouble controlling her powers when she first came to Earth as a lost and confused teen alien like him. She blows her top, and doesn't accept his excuse of not being able to control his emotional powers. (Note: Kara's over violent and psychotic behavior was clearly caused by Kryptonite-poisoning, fake memories of Dark Kara implanted by Darkseid, & by Dark Angel manipulating her behavior patterns, bringing out her dark side.)

Supergirl ended their relationship in a very violent manner; setting his hand on fire with heat vision; knocking him threw the wall of his home; dropping his house on him, apparently killing his innocent pug dog Kirby that was in said house. And would have killed Powerboy, but for his Father Box teleporting him to safety at the exact point in space that Dark Angel wanted at the last possible second; yet not being finished, and showing she was upset about the harmless joke he made on their first date about her never being able to beat Superman, she catches back up with him, and super knees him in the groin; after that he pretty much didn't know what she said next, but had he been able to hear or feel anything past the pain, she told, him not to call, or try to see her again. But did catch the part of her threatened to break every bone in his body if he didn't stay away from her forever. Still being angry and not thinking of the consequences of her actions, she then grabs his Father Box, conveniently floating in front of her as if it (or more accurately Dark Angel) wanted her to do what she was gonna do. On the surface damaging his Father Box, which Powerboy had a physical/mental link to. Supergirl then returns to her normal non-violent self and asks what's going on, what's that voice in her head, and is very confused. Returning back to his normal self, but not having the time to explain anything. Knowing that if Father Box explodes in normal space it could destroy Earth, he begs Kara to toss Father Box into the sun. She does so, but before the sun could melt it down, Dark Angel causes it to explode creating a momentary tear in the fabric of space and time. When Kara looked around, calling him Powerboy (one word again). And asked Powerboy what happened. But both of them being caught at a different point in the wake of the temporal explosion, he was no where to be seen. It is left unclear how the temporal spatial eruption affected him. But is known that Dark Angel used Father Box to send Kara to an alternate reality for another attempt to kill her again.

*Note: only the reader knows from reading the entire Storyline that finished with issue Supergirl vol 5 #19, but not the characters save for Powerboy himself: It was revealed that the evil Dark Angel, a rogue agent of one of the 52 Monitor's in the 52 Universes who wanted to eliminate all anomalies from the new DC Universe, used her powers to hijack control of Father Box, and used Father Box to temporarily take over his mind causing him to lose control. And making him act out-of-character defeating Supergirl in a fight. Yet he loved Kara too much to actually hurt or kill her. So let Kara beat him up. Being possessed Dark Angel didn't know he could create a force field to protect himself, so no force field was used allowing Kara to use heat vision on him. His hand was left burning for several minutes, as Dark Angel couldn't feel the pain, and didn't care that he did feel the pain. After using Father Box to teleport into space, it was Dark Angel, not Powerboy that was thinking and making him say "Heh...Heh... Got some fight to her... Gonna have to work on that...Next Time... And there will be a next time." And said tried to drop "a house" on me, instead of "my house" like a non-possessed Powerboy would have said. Then said "Father Box, honey." Dark Angel let Father Box float over to Kara, and let her think she had damaged Father Box. Kara showed signs that she was also being manipulated and mind controlled in some fashion. Asking Powerboy what was that voice in her head, and then asking him what was happening, then asking him what happened after Father Box exploded, implying she didn't remember what had happened during their fight. Or not remembering the part about telling him not to talk to her again. Dark Angel also showed she was there by making sure Father Box created a Spatial Temporal eruption before she could toss it in the sun. It took Kara to the exact alternate reality that Dark Angel wanted with a Red Sun and phantom zone phantoms, for another test, which was the next time she was talking about when possessing Powerboy. Supergirl survived all of Dark Angel's tests, and was determined not to be an anomaly. She later mentions in Supergirl vol 5 #19, that Dark Angel had used Father Box to send her to an Alternate Reality with a Red Sun. But is unclear if she also realized, that Dark Angel was controlling Father Box all along, to make both her and him lose control of their emotions, and do things they'd never do, destroying their relationship, and Powerboy's life in the process.*

Flowers and a Note

A few months later (in Supergirl vol 5 #19, the last issue written by Joe Kelly; who tried to wrap up his storylines the best he could; Powerboy wasn't able to be in the issue due to having been given to Winick for the Teen Titans East Special #1, so wasn't able to come back and explain what happened or forgive each other and go their separate ways like all the others in the storyline was permitted to do. Instead the writer was only able to have Powerboy leave flowers and a card, to say he forgave her and hoped they could someday work things out.) Kara returned home to find her living room full of beautiful red roses, with a note saying "I forgive you! Let's work it out. Yours always, Powerboy.♥"

Other than the flowers and a card, respecting his first loves wishes, Powerboy never made any attempts to see or talk to his first and only love again.

Teen Titans East

Over half a year after his traumatic breakup with Supergirl, he re-appeared being called Power Boy, instead of Powerboy in the Titans East Special #1. If this wasn't one of the alternate 52 Universe versions of the character; an alternate version created from the temporal spatial eruption at the end of Supergirl #15; or possessed by a sin demon, then was a very out-of-character appearance. Having fewer powers and a totally different personality. Despite months of never doing anything more than hugging or kissing his first and only known girlfriend Supergirl. Now is implied that he's a sexually promiscuous fifteen year old teen. So gone from not even kissing Supergirl on the first date, and being confused about anything sexual, to now having a consensual one-night-stand with a total stranger. Who oh so conveniently for plot purposes turns out to be the older Teen Titans East team member Holly Granger aka Hawk. She had been a Teen Titan member with him in the past, but had apparently never met before. His pug dog Kirby was nowhere to be seen, and he was wearing a different version of his costume, from all previous versions shown. (Note that was revealed in Titans #3 that all OOC behavior by the Titans was due to being under the influence of Trigon's seven deadly sin demons.)

Despite his on the surface, un-healthy and self-destructive love for Supergirl. He wanted to prove that he could be a good hero if given the chance. Cyborg not having any luck in getting his older former Titan friends to join his new team. Searches out for young heroes to help guide and mentor, just as the older Justice Society took younger heroes under their wing to train. So selects PB to be part of his new Teen Titans East.

However, Cyborgs hopes of mentoring a new group of Teen Titans doesn't go the way he'd hoped. During their first training session on Titans Liberty Island, New Jersey, all the new Teen Titans East members: Anima, Hawk & Dove, Lagoon Boy, Little Barda, Son of Vulcan, & Power Boy on first appearance are badly wounded or killed. Unless he has his Father Box to heal him (SEE energy coming from medallion in Titans #1), regeneration powers, or being reborn on Earth-51 like the other New Gods. Powerboy is assumed dead, having been horribly burned from a laser blast, and impaled through the chest by a large tree branch at the hands of Infinity-Man. It should be noted that energy is shown coming from his medallion (Father Box). And his hand is shown twitching on-panel, implying he may not be dead. Since only Darkseid, Little Barda, & Supergirl know that he's a New God, or that he has a Father Box to restore him to life, it is left open for him to come back and be used for future storylines as needed.

Death of the New Gods

Powerboy's death was likely committed by Infinity-Man, revealed to be the New God Killer in Death of the New Gods #7. The Source, creator of all New Gods, had instructed it's champion of light, The Infinity-Man to search the universe to murder all New Gods from Apokolips and New Genesis; with the souls of the New Gods being used to create a Second Source Wall; and their mystical energies being stored in Jimmy Olsen, which gave him various weird powers; the new Source Wall was then destroyed, with the intent of using the mystical energies from the souls of the New Gods to destroy The Fourth World, and create a new perfect Fifth World in the image of The Source. However, Darkseid had his own plan, so tapped into the cache of New God souls, and tried to use their powers to renovate the Universe to his own evil designs. In Death of the New Gods #8, The Source countered by bringing back the soul of Orion to tap into the same powers as Darkseid, and sends him off to finish the battle. As seen in Countdown to Final Crisis #2, where Orion is shown apparently fulfilling an ancient prophecy by killing his father. In Death of the New Gods #8, The Source tells Superman that it has harvested all the New God souls except for Darkseid. It had Apokolips and New Genesis crash together to merge into a new single planet - half good and half evil. It was left unexplained what would happen to the souls of the good and evil New Gods.

Final Crisis

In Final Crisis, and appearances by New Gods like human Boss Dark Side and Granny Goodness in various comics, its confirmed that New Gods have the power to possess human avatars on Earth-0. Besides having multiple versions, like the superheroes & villains in the 52 Universe's. Thanks to the resurrected Darkseid whom possessed a crime boss, and later used Detective Turpin as a host body. All evil Gods of Apokolips are reborn as emanations of the Will of Darkseid. While all good New Gods are reincarnated as emanations of The Source. They also have Godly forms that have repopulated the newly created Fifth World. Thus New Gods can no longer be viewed as on the same level as other heroes and villains, but as true all powerful gods that are to be respected and feared by all other beings in the Multiverse.

In Final Crisis #7, with the defeat of Darkseid and Mandrakk, good wins over evil. New Earth aka Earth-0 is restored to normal by Superman using a Miracle Machine to wish a happy ending for everyone. And from the ruins of Apokolips, New Genesis was reborn in the Earth 51 Universe. And with it, the New Gods returned to guide the destiny of a New World.


He has the physiology and advanced intellect of a New God. He was genetically enhanced by Darkseid with the DNA of powerful super beings from around the Multiverse. He demonstrated physical abilities similar to Power Girl, including flight, super-strength, super-speed, super-breath, holding breath in space, & invulnerability. Empathic powers like the Psycho Pirate, to feel others emotions. Yet modified to convert those raw feelings into Green Lantern like physical energy constructs, force fields, & can turn into a red light beam, enabling him to travel at light speed. Like the Phantom Stranger he can teleport, sense when others are in danger, & fire energy blasts. Like Detective Chimp he has the ability for animals to understand and trust him. And like all New Gods can be reborn in a new body due to the emanation of Darkseid, Father Box, or The Source.


Like the original Power Boy, he has the personality and mind set of a 1950's American boy, saying words like Baby Doll, Gee, Golly, & Packs a Wallop. Kara even noticing him talking like a 1950's boy, teasingly asked if he wanted to go to a Sock Hop (Supergirl vol 5 #14). This is due to escaping from Apokolips with Little Barda, before finishing his Earth based education on Modern Earth. So other than tv shows or some music he's listened to, knows nothing about how to be a modern day teen. And explains when not mind controlled by Dark Angel/Sin Demon, why he never done anything more than hugs, giving flowers, kissing, and good touching as he called it. And why he blushed and seemed confused about anything sexual (not getting Kara's blindfold joke, when all he wanted to do was help protect Kara's life). Being around the far more experienced in the ways of humans Supergirl, made the alien boy blush and be confused most of the time.

Personality wise he was shown to be the following. Powerboy is brave, caring, cat loving, chivalrous, compassionate, dependable, dog loving, empathetic, fun-loving, free-spirited, gentle, good natured, heroic, honest, kind, loving, loyal, clumsy, needy, non-judgmental, outgoing, over-emotional, over-protective, sarcastic, self-sacrificing, sweet, sensitive, sincere, tolerant, trustworthy, well mannered, and very naive to the ways of humans.

Growing up on the hellish Apokolips, devoid of any positive social interactions, never having any friends or family. He has difficulty even with the most basic human interactions. Never knowing love, he craves to be loved and accepted by others. But has trouble getting humans or other heroes to see him as more than just a super hunky teenager. Never being taught tact on Apokolips, he is extremely honest, straightforward, and forthright, not sugar coating anything. And although he means no harm when doing so, due to a difference in translation from Apokoliptian to Earth language, sometimes what he says is taken the wrong way. Such as a non-sexual joke, may come across as something sexual or weird. His empathic powers gives him an instant bond with all he meets. He easily connects to others, feeling what they feel, but some have trouble connecting to him. Feeling the hate, bias, jealousy that others sometimes feel towards him, causes him to feel rejected, and depressed. Feeling others emotions can overwhelm the boy at times, either becoming too sad, or too happy. When over-joyed the loving boy bursts into song.

He's the ultimate nice boy, like a 1950's American boyscout with strong morals and ethics. He is compelled to always help anyone in need. So does help little old ladies across the street, and save cats from trees. Tries to help and nurture any injured animal he sees. He is very well mannered, being a perfect gentleman. Always saying please and thank you. He is courteous and chivalrous to everyone. He looks a girl in the eyes when speaking to them, and is always respectful and polite. He has a strong sense of duty and responsibility to help others. So always puts the needs of others first, which is why he's a hero.

He has a deep spiritual love for Supergirl. Whom he fell in love with before even seeing her physically on Apokolips. Due to his empathy, when he felt her beautiful soul for the first time. It caused him to feel like he has known her for years, and so feels a deep bond that he has never felt for anyone else. Being the first girl he's ever loved. He is extremely over-protective of Kara. And with good reason since Supergirl was almost killed on several occasions by the League of Assassins when they dated. With him protecting and fighting by her side for months to keep her from being killed by all of Dark Angel's murder attempts. Having to even save her life during one deadly altercation, and take her to S.T.A.R. Labs in New York for extensive yellow sun therapy.(Supergirl vol 5 #11)

Having no positive relationship experience. Being from a hell world with very different standards than Earth. The alien boy has no idea what it means to be a boyfriend. He doesn't know what is or isn't acceptable behavior in a loving relationship. So done things like giving tons of flowers to show how deeply he loves Kara, not knowing that too many gifts is considered obsessive by humans. Father Box also helped him create/invent an Apokoliptian Memory Photo Copy Machine (the machine he is seen taking a photo from on panel at the end of Supergirl vol 5 #14). The high-tech device creates pictures of his girlfriend Supergirl (mostly different mood pics of her face, and is unclear if Dark Angel wasn't actually manipulating PB to cause him to make more photos so he would appear to be obsessive). Having no human friends, he had never heard of a human photo album to store ones fondest memories, so had the pictures on the wall of his home as a sign of love and affection. And again the hi-tech created photos was from all the months of shared memories Kara let him freely spend with her as a loving boyfriend.

Being a teen hero, he only followed Kara around to protect her from harm, with no sexual connotations at all. He was simply an over-protective fifteen year old alien boy caring for the girl he loves the only way he knows, with no malice or ill-intent whatsoever. Proof of his harmless intent is the fact that he was her boyfriend for several months, yet never tried to seduce her. Instead was shown hugging Streaky and fighting to protect her life. They never even kissed on the first date. He was the kind of boy that likes to take things slow. He wanted a deep and meaningful connection before ever having a physical relationship. And even then, as a teen hero, knows that he has to set an example for other teens to follow. So abstaining from sexual relations until older and more mature is something he believes in.

His love for Kara was thus a platonic and spiritual love. He wanted a deep emotional intimacy, and not a meaningless physical connection that would only be temporary and means nothing. Despite only being around Kara to help protect the girl he loved and keep her safe. And wanting a companionate love to give him more than just a friend, but a family. She was the one that wanted a romantic/physical relationship, and so asked him out on a date. He was so naive to what a date even was, at first thinking that going on patrol and fighting villains was a date. She then made him her boyfriend without explaining what she meant. So he thought she really loved him. Then making him feel that they had more than just a strong friendship. Kara gave PB his first kiss making him think she loved him. When his girlfriend told him not to follow her around to help protect her, he respected the decision, despite her recklessly walking into a trap alone almost got her and Boomer killed by Super-villain Cassandra Cain. Realizing that she messed up by not having him help her, Kara then calls him via his Father Box to ask for his help. Off panel Powerboy uses his Father Box to help save Boomer's life by getting him to Bellevue Hospital, New York before he bleeds to death from his fatal wounds. On panel Kara thanks him for all the times he has helped her, showing that she was grateful that he had been around saving, protecting, and helping her during all the months they spent together.

Despite being a sweet and loving boy 99.9 percent of the time, a weakness of his empathic powers that the evil Darkseid gave him; and of which he had no control or way of knowing would happen; and which the evil agent of a Monitor Dark Angel using his mental link to Father Box to bring to the surface; Was that after months of being around Kryptonite poisoned Supergirl with all her hate and rage. Added to feelings of jealousy he had never felt before, the usually even-headed, gentle teen momentary lost control of his powers and hurt the only girl he ever loved. But again he never had any intention to hurt her, it was Dark Angel controlling him; like she did the students in Supergirl vol 5 #10; giving the Shark Lady the power to gut a Kryptonian like Kara in Supergirl vol 5 #11; manipulating Batgirl & the League of Assassins to try to kill Kara for months in Supergirl vol 5 #13 & #14; or in Supergirl vol 5 #17, making other teen heroes fight her and fooling Kara into thinking that her best friends Wonder Girl, and Tim Drake hated her in the alternate universe that Father Box had sent her to at the end of issue #15. Thus in Supergirl vol 5 #15, she used Powerboy's Father Box to make him say and do things he'd never do, and soon as he regained his sanity from the pain of the heat vision, he stopped fighting, showed confusion about what was going on, and let Supergirl violently attack him over and over while he tried to talk reason and stay his usual calm, gentle, and thoughtful self. Then when Father Box teleported him to the point in space where Dark Angel wanted them to be, he was mind controlled by Dark Angel again and said things he would never say, til the super low blow broke the psychic link, and he returned to his normal self again begging her to toss Father Box into the sun. And even though it was Dark Angel that said and done all the bad things. When told the relationship was over by Supergirl, and that she never wanted to see him again. He didn't react with hatred. Instead showing that he isn't an evil creep like Dark Angel, and due to being ashamed of what had happened. Despite having no control over how he was used like a puppet, over the following eight months of his life, he never attempted to see Kara in person again. Other than a final goodbye note and flowers to say he forgave her. He never wrote any letters or called, abiding by her request to never see her again, despite the fact that he still loved her. Instead he gone off to be a teen hero and try to help people.

His next appearance in Titans East Special #1 was a very out of character story. Besides being written out of character due to being possessed by a sin demon, his power levels was inaccurate. He displayed no Empathic powers, no red energy coming from him when he fought, and no force field to protect himself from attacks, like he had in all previous appearances. He only used his flying powers and displayed super-strength weaker than Hawk, which is inconsistent with his power levels being on par with Supergirl. And Hawk was wrongly called the older sister, instead of Dove's younger sister. Given those facts everything shown on-panel is non-canonical in the Mainstream DC Universe. His death becomes canonical in Titans #1. On-panel, in Titans #1, he is again called Powerboy. The death scene is similar to what was shown in the Titans East Special, but not as gruesome, with his body not as badly burned, and his medallion once again looking like it did when he had Father Box. Light with Kirby dots shown coming from the medallion implies he still has Father Box to restore him to life. His closest friend Little Barda, was left in critical condition and not expected to survive. While the other teammates was more fortunate, being left badly wounded or in comas, but not dead as previously assumed (Titans #1 - June 2008).

Other than his death scene, what was shown happening in the Teen Titans East Special #1, is not an accurate representation of the character's voice or personality. It was nothing more than a plot device to make Cyborg, Raven, and the other older Titans feel guilty about causing Powerboy to be murdered and endangering all the other younger Teen Titans because of Raven's demonic father Trigon's vendetta for all the Titans past and present. Wanting to take care of an old enemy that hates all Titans forces the older Titans into coming back together as a team in a new Titans series that restarted with Titans #1 (June 2008).

The Death of the New Gods event, and the desire to bring back the beloved older Titans as a new team, left Powerboy and Little Barda screwed over before they had the chance to be written in a respectful way. Due to the rebooting of the DC Universe thanks to Flashpoint, his current status is unknown.

Regardless of anything, unless possessed, drugged, or mind controlled, the kindhearted boy is not violent and not a player. Never has been, never will be. He's a clueless alien boy that only loves one girl, who is Supergirl, and would never have a one-night-stand with anyone, let along someone he didn't know or care about. He loves only Supergirl, and maintains that love in his heart, never expecting to ever feel the same way about anyone. She is his one and only love.

Nor is he a hero for status, prestige, fame, or glory. He never abused the powers he had, or never used his Father Box for selfish reasons. He quit the Teen Titans because they wasn't the same as the old Titans; not able to provide the family or support that he and Barda was longing for. It is out of character that Powerboy, Little Barda, or Hawk & Dove would ever consider joining a lesser Titans East team that was even more dysfunctional and messed up than the regular Titans that they had quit a year earlier.

Showing he wasn't interested in name recognition. He never used a real name as a hero. And was never shown caring if people gave him credit for saving lives. Because he never bragged, and was humble, only a few hero's - Batman, Superman, and Wonder Girl knew about him saving Supergirl's life or about all the months he sacrificed his time and risked his life protecting Kara from all of Dark Angel's murder attempts. He was most concerned about helping and protecting people, not about getting any recognition or praise. Yet the older Titans, Raven, Beast Boy, Nightwing, Flash, Red Arrow, Starfire, knew what he done during the missing year, when he teamed with Raven and Beast Boy, so they all showed great respect and remorse for the dead Powerboy. They are respectful that he gave his life as a hero. Powerboy was a young hero on Earth because he had a good heart and cared about people. He could feel every ones pain, and by helping people and showing compassion to all, wanted to take away as much suffering as he could.

Father Box

Powerboy has a high-tech device called Father Box. It's like a Mother Box, and is thought to be a sentient, miniaturized supercomputer, although its true nature is unknown. It possesses wondrous god like powers and abilities not understood even by its original users, the New Gods of Apokolips.

Father Box can access the Energy of the Source (God) for various effects; It can change the gravitational constant of an area, transfer energy from one place to another (Supergirl #15); Control the mental state of a host (Supergirl #13 & #15); Communicate telepathically with a host; Manipulate life-force of a host to sustain one past fatal injuries (Supergirl #13 & Titans #1); Open or close hush-tubes (52 Week 21); Take over and control non-sentient machines; Evolve non-sentient machines; Merge sentient beings into a single more powerful being; Sustain a life form in a hostile environment such as space (Supergirl #15) and do many other things. They have an affinity for the Source and draw their power from it; in that sense, they can be seen as a computer that links man to God.

Other Versions

The 1st Power Boy was created by Otto Binder. Zarl appeared in Superboy vol. 1 #52 (October 1956). Sent in a spaceship from ancient Atlantis by his parents, to avoid the sinking of the continent. 45,000 years later, he was found on the asteroid Juno by the scientist Vorne, who named the boy Zarl. The orphaned boy Zarl Vorne developed Superboy like powers and took the name Power-Boy. His only confirmed recorded whereabouts has been a sighting at the intergalactic rave called the Event Horizon. His first canonical post-Crisis appearance is a simple cameo in Superboy and the Ravers #5 (January 1997).

Tom Baker, Power Lad was created by Otto Binder & first appears in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #45 (June 1960), as a super-powered blond headed boy that helps Superman save a train full of people.

The 2nd Power Boy is Jedediah Rikane. A teen hero from a 1000 years in the future, during the time of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Power Boy II first appeared in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #240 (June 1978). An Asian boy at the Legion Academy with the power of Super Power Absorption/Transference, ie the ability to absorb or give powers to others. In 1985 was revamped as a red haired/purple skinned, well-muscled boy with Molecular Density Control. Rejected for membership in the Legion. He later became instructor at the United Planets Militia Academy on Xolnar. He was sadly killed by a Khundian commando while saving many lives on Xolnar. And was honored for his heroism with a Power Boy Statue at the Legion Academy. After 25 years, Jed has returned, appearing in Legion of Super-Heroes #6 (Vol 6 - Dec 2010).

During Zero Hour (1994), thanks to Arion, Power Girl had a mystical pregnancy and gave birth to a son, Equinox, who aged from baby to teen in a matter of weeks. After killing his demonic father Scarabus, he left in a Spaceship, and has never been seen again.

Dial H For Hero. In Teen Titans Go! #52 (April 2008), another Power Boy is revealed as an alternate identity for Robby Reed, holder of the Hero Dial. Robby had power absorption abilities via the Dial letting him steal away any ability from a nearby hero. Power Boy is the result of Robby absorbing Donna Troy's powers. Power Boy, and the other identities, are later retired when Robby gives away his dial, joining Cyborg's New Teen Titans hero training program.

Tiny Titans - Power Boy. The Johnny DC Universe comic Tiny Titans #6 (Sept. 2008). Power Boy III appears as an 8 year old Titan going to Sidekick City Elementary. Like the 15 year old version he wears a Powergirl like costume & has a natural blond streak in dark hair. He & Little Barda are the first New Gods to be Tiny Titans. While the other more well known Titans was off camping, he was left in charge at the Titans Tree House. Along with Zatara, he was shown with child versions of his Teen Titans East team, including Vulcan Jr., Hawk & Dove, Lagoon Boy, & Li'l Barda. And was given the honor of welcoming Blue Beetle & Supergirl into the Titans.


Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid et al. 52 Week 21. Sept. 27, 2006 - DC Comics.

Ian Churchill & Joe Kelly. Supergirl: Identity. (Paperback) 2007 - DC Comics.

Ian Churchill & Judd Winick. Titans: Old Friends. (Paperback) 2010 - DC Comics.

Grant Morrison & Doug Mahnke. Final Crisis #7. March 2009 - DC Comics.

(Writer's Notes: Be warned about spoilers for all the comic issues he appeared in, along with my speculation based on canonical hints given in various comics on his true origin that was never dealt with in his few appearances. It should be noted that this online rpg version of Powerboy will not be based on the intentionally out of character written version seen in Titans East Special #1, that portrayed PB as a Sin Demon possessed jerk so nobody would care what happens to him. Then brutally child murdered the 15 year old boy, & abused the other underage Teen Titan East members as a plot device to open the way for a new Titans series. Instead, my Powerboy will be based on creator Geoff Johns original intent for the character, as seen in: 52 Week 21, Supergirl Vol. 5 #11, #13, & #14 & Tiny Titans #6:)

In terms of appearance, Powerboy appeared to look different from one comic to another, and even different from one panel to another. The writer's never explained this, so for this journal, I'm having it that everyone sees him however they want. Which will explain the changes in hair color and physical features. The closest power that would explain it, is called Telepathic Shapeshifter. Unconsciously drawing from mental imagery of those around him; each person sees him slightly differently. But always as a handsome and muscular teenage boy, with blond streaks in dark hair. Costume varies, chest window varies, and medallion on costume varies, as does hair color, and facial features. He even looked like a teen Fabio in one panel of Titans East Special #1. Always appeared to be the same height: 6' 2", but weight seemed to vary between 180 lbs, as a fifteen year old teen with a lean yet still athletic body (as seen on cover of 52 Week 21, in Supergirl vol. 5 #13, #14, #15, Titans East Special #1, Titans #1 & #21), & 220 lbs as an older looking teen with a very large muscular body builder like physique (As seen in 52 Week 21, Teen Titans Vol. 3 #38, Supergirl Vol. 5 #11, #14, #15, & Titans East Special #1).

(Disclaimer: this is a fictional journal about the best DC Comics character Powerboy. DC Comics owns PB & all other characters, settings, & concepts in the DC Comics Universe. This journal is for fun & no infringement is intended. All DC Comics characters are trademarks of and copyright DC Comics. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)

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